AuthorDylan Donegan

Dylan Donegan's face is immortalized on an Elemental token, courtesy of his big SCG Invitational win in Seattle in 2015. The young SCG Tour star also has SCG Tour wins at the Open main event and Classic level.

An Aggressive Stance On Dominaria

One way to survive The Scarab God is to get underneath it! Dominaria houses a lot of aggro cards that could go all out and all-in! Donegan puts a few ideas together here!

Shiny Robots, Silver Medal: Borrowing Affinity

Dylan Donegan borrowed teammate Pieter Tubergen’s all-foil Affinity deck for the SCG Cincinnati Modern Classic, and the first-time pilot made it all the way to the finals! Today he shares the greatness he’s glimpsed!

Breaking Bedlam Reveler

Bedlam Reveler’s potential goes beyond Mardu Pyromancer! Dylan Donegan checks out the offshoots and innovations that could rise to even greater heights!

Brainstorming With Jace

Though far from SCG Dallas, Dylan has a big event this weekend! He’s got one thing in mind: tapping 2UU! See the decks he’s most excited about and why he’s bent on beating Bloodbraid Elf instead of joining her!

Standard From The Sidelines

Dylan Donegan took the weekend off from Magic competition, but his eyes were glued to the Grand Prix Memphis coverage! Get his sideline insights into Standard and where it’s going next!

The Mistake And The Rebound

Magic players make mistakes, even the game’s elite. We’re human; nobody’s perfect. Invitational winner Dylan Donegan shows how those mistakes aren’t as important as the way players rebound from them!

Let’s Play Legacy Delver In DC!

SCG Invitational winner (and Elemental token!) Dylan “The Delver Deliverer” Donegan has been passionate about 3/2s for U in Legacy for years! Get his advice on the archetype for this weekend’s big Legacy party in Washington DC!

Ixalan’s Effects On Eternal Formats

Ixalan promises to make a splash in Eternal formats, particularly Modern! Get his insights on new cards and the archetypes they could revitalize or even spawn ahead of the SCG Dallas Modern Classic!

The Death Of Traditional Death’s Shadow

If you want your Death’s Shadow deck to fight through the hate, you have to change it! SCG Invitational Champion Dylan Donegan has just the way to do it, though be warned: It may involve some serious token bias…