AuthorDaniel Unwin

Daniel Unwin is an Australian Magic player, described by his good friend Jeremy Neeman as a “resident genius deckbuilder.” He is responsible for numerous decks that have done well at the Pro Tour: Fish at PT San Juan, Esper Control at 2011 Worlds, G/W Tokens and U/B Control at GP Brisbane 2011, RUG Control at Pro Tour Paris 2011, just to name a few. As a player his best achievements are 10th at GP Sydney 2010, 9th at Australian Nationals 2011, 7th at GP Brisbane 2011, 6th at GP Melbourne 2012, and 5th at GP Sydney 2013.

Jamming Modern

Dan Unwin talks about the U/W/R Geist deck that he played to a second place finish in a Modern PTQ and goes over some of its key matchups.

Snow-Covered Naya

Read about how Dan helped his friends prepare for Pro Tour Gatecrash and consider playing his Naya deck in Standard at #SCGVEGAS or #SCGKY this weekend.

Eternally Yours

GP Sydney Top 8 competitor Dan Unwin shares two Eternal decks with you today, one for Legacy and one for Vintage.

Greed Is Good

Dan Unwin chronicles how he settled upon Naya Midrange for GP Auckland, losing for Top 8, and explains why you should try this midrange deck at your next SCG Standard Open.

Standard Progression

Find out why Australian Magic player Dan Unwin recommends you give Naya Midrange a try at your next Standard tournament, such as the SCG Open Series in New Orleans this weekend.

Greatness At Any Cost

Read about how Dan Unwin settled upon the Grixis Control list that he took to a first place finish at a local Vintage tournament and why he recommends you try playing his favorite format.

Trolling New Standard

Find out why GP Melbourne Top 8 competitor Dan Unwin thinks that spoiled Return to Ravnica card Lotleth Troll is going to have a huge impact in different decks in the new Standard format.

Junk Soul Brother

Want to try something different in Legacy at SCG Open Series: Minneapolis? Then check out the deck Dan Unwin brewed up with the desire to play Maverick with Lingering Souls Umezawa’s Jitte.

Selling Out In Standard

Find out why Australian Magic player Dan Unwin has broken down and started playing U/W Delver in Standard. See why he firmly believes you should play it if you want to win at your next SCG Standard Open.

Grisel Pod In Standard

While he was still at PT Avacyn Restored, Dan Unwin was inspired to start brewing with Hound of Griselbrand in Standard. Check out his Grisel Pod deck for the SCG Open Series featuring the Invitational in Indianapolis.

Five Ways To Build A Better Sideboard

Dan Unwin, who recently placed 6th at GP Melbourne, provides you with five things to consider for building a better sideboard. Learn what you should consider while building your decks for SCG Open Series: Birmingham.

Melira Pod In Modern

Daniel Unwin has been working diligently on tuning his Melira Pod deck in Modern. He goes card-by-card to explain how he came to his current decklist. Try it out at your next Modern tournament!

Gifts Rock In Modern

Daniel Unwin won a Modern PTQ for Barcelona with an untested brew. Find out how his Gifts Rock deck was good enough to get him the blue envelope, and see if you should play it at your next Modern PTQ.

Evolving Frites

Although Daniel didn’t play it at PT Dark Ascension, while there he became interested in the deck known as Frites. Read about how he’s tuned it through testing on Magic Online and consider playing it at SCG Open: Tampa this weekend.

U/B Fish In Modern

U/B Fish is a great deck that is a lot of fun to play. The card quality is through the roof, and this is a good place to be in a new format. If you loved playing Faeries or blue in Legacy, you should love this too.