AuthorCraig Jones

Craig Jones won a Grand Prix way back in 1998. After several savage beatings on the Pro Tour he then began covering Grand Prix events as a reporter. Recently, he�s stormed back as a constructed player posting an impressive T16 finish at Pro Tour: Philadelphia, T32 finish at Pro Tour: Los Angeles and 2nd place finish at Pro Tour: Honolulu. He's also the current Great British National Champion.

Extracting Bad from Bad – A GP Torino Report

While Grand Prix Torino is naught but a distant memory for most, it still lingers in the darkest depths of Craig Jones’s fractured psyche. Luckily for us, the format is still very relevant – the qualifiers for Pro Tour Kobe are all RGD Sealed Deck – and so the Professor’s take on the Limited format is welcome. Add to this the fact that Craig’s report is packed with the usual good times and excellent writing, and we have a sure-fire winner!

The Road to Regionals – Decks, Decks, and More Decks!

Magic the Gathering Regionals!

Craig Jones, Constructed specialist, takes a wander through the garden of Dissension Standard. He presents a number of innovative decks that span a variety of archetypes, from UW Control to Rakdos Beats. In addition, he presents some more outlandish ideas for those planning to go rogue. Still undecided on your Regionals weapon of choice? Look no further…

Pro Tour Prague: A Constructed Man in a Limited World *55th*

RGD Lessons from Pro Tour: Prague!

Craig “Professor” Jones, fresh from his $16,000 topdeck at Pro Tour Honolulu, turned his considerable talents to Limited at Pro Tour Prague. He expected to fare badly, as a forty-card deck is twenty cards too few. However, while he never recaptured the heights of Hawaii, he found success beyond his wildest expectations. His Pro Tour report is a fantastic read, full of wit, humor, and Limited play tips.

The Limited Lessons of Dissension

Pre-Order Dissension Today!

Craig “Prof” Jones recently placed 2nd at Pro Tour Honolulu. At his local Dissension prerelease, he went one better! In a bonus article for our Premium readers, he shares the lessons learnt from rockin’ out with the Rakdos crew. Sound advice for those of us trying to improve our forty-card game, coupled with Craig’s usual dose of good-natured humor.

Playing Zoo in the Team Qualifiers: A PTQ Report

It’s safe to say that Craig Prof Jones has had an excellent run of late. Who can forget the $16,000 Lightning Helix? However, his quest for glory in Team Constructed has thus-far been fruitless… His report today sees him journey to Ireland in search of the Blue Envelope. Does he succeed? Read on to find out…

The $16,000 Lightning Helix – A PT Honolulu Report, Part 1 *2nd*

Magic the Gathering Pro Tour Honolulu!

Today, we are pleased to welcome Craig “Prof” Jones to our expanding team of Feature Writers… and what a tale he brings! Pro Tour Honolulu saw perhaps the greatest topdeck in Magic history, and Craig was the lucky benefactor. Read his entertaining take on the proceedings, plus tips and tricks on his powerful Zoo build, only at StarCityGames.com!