AuthorBrian DeMars

Brian DeMars lives in Michigan and has been playing Magic since 1995. He is a Vintage specialist and the creator of the "Danger Room" format.

Going Fast In Modern

The Modern metagame has settled out into a pretty stable stack of decks at the top. Brian DeMars is looking to exploit that information for the #SCGPHILLY Modern Premier IQ! If you’re looking for the lion’s share of $5,000, check Brian’s recommended decklists!

Vintage Year In Review: Part 2

Brian DeMars returns to conclude his Vintage yearbook! If you want to give yourself the ultimate Vintage metagame refresher and decklist source, you’ve come to the right place!

The Year That Was In Vintage

Vintage lover Brian DeMars revisits the evolving metagame we saw throughout 2014 and explains why 2014 was the most important Vintage year since the beginning!

Are You Buying Into Modern?

With Modern Masters II on the horizon, Brian DeMars is debating just what the role of Modern will be in long-term Magic. Is now the time to start learning the format inside-out? How much will Modern matter in your Magic success in a few years?

Stick With It!

Brian DeMars knows the importance of knowing exactly what are you doing in competitive Magic! Are you trying to metagame yourself out of success at #SCGINVI? Read Brian’s advice before you do!

Why Midrange Is Ruling Standard

We are living in the golden age of midrange. How did we get here? Brian DeMars compares the oft-maligned strategy with its historical precedent and tells you how to understand it (and beat it) before #SCGPORT.

On Blue

Brian DeMars has been messing with Jeskai Ascendancy in Modern and winning overwhelmingly. This led him to do some Brainstorming on the ill-balanced color pie in older formats. Have we become so complacent with certain cards that we can’t see how much better things would be without them?

Pretty Hate Machine

Legacy has returned to a blue deck format–presuming it ever wasn’t. Brian DeMars isn’t having any of it! Check out his incredibly hateful deck that puts a sweet and oft-forgotten card to good use for #SCGRICH!

How to Beat the Blue Decks in New Jersey

Should you just assume you’ll face a blue deck every round at Grand Prix New Jersey? Brian DeMars thinks it just might be a valid approach! Check out his analysis ahead of the can’t-miss Magic event of the year!

Getting On The Banwagon

Overreacting to a new spell or a few new decks in older formats is one thing, but what about when it becomes difficult to imagine a format’s health continuing with certain new cards? Brian DeMars takes a long hard look at Vintage, Legacy, and Modern and opens up the discussion on what must be done to protect them.

Vintage Champs And The Next Step

Brian DeMars shows you the deck he took to one of the most fun weekends in Magic! Find out about the latest Khans shake-ups to Vintage and where the format is headed going forward!

Introducing Ghostfire Affinity

Brian DeMars has been working on a much-discussed archetype update featuring an innocuous Khans of Tarkir rare! See his latest build of the deck and try it out at the $5,000 Premier IQ at #SCGWOR!

The Khans Standard Primer

Here, in one convenient place, is everything you need to know about the Standard metagame heading into the Pro Tour Weekend! Check out this format’s decks, matchups, and pillars as Brian DeMars brings you up to speed!

Abzan And Sultai in Standard

Two of the big breakout archetypes of the first big Open Series weekend were Abzan Midrange decks and Sultai Graveyard decks. Check out Brian’s latest lists of both archetypes and what he thinks of the new format!