AuthorBrian Coval

A Behavior Analyst by day, an Eternal Magic specialist the rest of the time, Brian Coval is a Northeast Magic veteran that took time away from his professional schedule to crush the 2017 Season One Invitational, forever becoming a Monk token in the process.

What’s Next For Grixis Urza In Modern

Brian Coval’s Grixis Urza list helped his team reach the finals of SCG Pittsburgh! He updates the archetype for a post-Bridgevine metagame and explores another color option ahead of SCG Philadelphia.

Feature Article – Zendikar Limited Analysis and Wrap-Up

Grand Prix: Oakland!

Tuesday, February 9th – Limited formats are much harder to mine data from because the decklists at top events are so seemingly random. Each Top 8 booster draft will obviously contain different cards, such is the appeal of Limited. We can’t make results-based generalities like “in M10 Limited Blue/White is better than Mono Black” from a single event because in each draft the archetypes will have different cards making them up.

Feature Article – Mono-Black Stax in Elder Dragon Highlander

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Monday, November 23rd – For many folks, EDH is a safe haven from the Spike-filled tournament environment. The world of EDH is run by Timmies and Johnnies. Some people call this place Magical Christmas Land, where any ridiculous five-card combo that takes ten turns and one hundred mana to assemble is viable. I’m thrilled that such a place exists for the people who need that outlet. But I am not one of those people.