AuthorBen Ragan

Ben Ragan began been playing Magic with Magic 2010 after quitting competitive chess in middle school. He has multiple SCG Tour Open Top 8s as well as a heartbreaking ninth-place finish at an SCG Invitational. He has a minor addiction to casting Collected Company in Modern and firmly believes that Magic is about maximizing your options. When he isn't competing on the SCG Tour, Ben is working on his custom Game of Thrones Cube.

Renewing Affinity

Don’t play the same stale Affinity build in your next Modern event! Let Ben Ragan and his innovations show you the way to success!

U/B Midrange: The Map To Standard Success

Ben Ragan has been making a name for himself on the SCG Tour! In his first StarCityGames.com article, he breaks down the U/B Midrange deck he used to reach the Top 8 of the SCG Philadelphia Standard Classic. Does it have what it takes to be in the format’s top tier?