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Ben Lundquist has five Grand Prix Top 8s, was a member of the US National Team with Luis Scott-Vargas and Paul Cheon in 2006, and is making a resurgence back into professional Magic. With a win at the StarCityGames.com Standard Open in Los Angeles and a qualification for Pro Tour Born of the Gods, it's likely we'll be seeing even more of Benny Beatdowns in the near future.


Of the three formats for Worlds, Modern is the one Ben Lundquist knows many will the be the least prepared for. So he wrote this article to showcase a deck he thinks is a good choice.

Magic And Me

Meet little Benny Beatdowns, before he knew Magic. What got him interested in the game? What were his goals once he learned it? What’s changed from then to now? Read Ben’s opinion on the latest Organized Play changes.

Battle Royale Report: Due Respect

GP Top 8er Benny Beatdowns fought hard in the Battle Royale last week with an Eldrazi White deck of his own devising, but with only $50 to spend, he could only afford one Eldrazi creature.

Dark Depths

Ben Lundquist reveals his Legacy tech for GP Providence early. He ran this Dark Depths build at StarCityGames.com Open: Boston and wants to share it with you!

Dark Depths

Ben Lundquist reveals his Legacy tech for GP Providence early. He ran this Dark Depths build at StarCityGames.com Open: Boston and wants to share it with you!

Feature Article – The Truth About Dredge

The StarCityGames.com Open Series returns to Atlanta!
Wednesday, April 7th – Throughout the Extended season, people have been crossing their fingers and hoping to dodge the dreaded Dredge. Or they’ve been packing their sideboards with inefficient answers to the graveyard-fuelled menace. Ben Lundquist brings us a thorough look at how to pilot the deck. If you’ve still got a PTQ left, could Dredge be the answer?

Feature Article – BG Pox Rock in Extended

Visit the StarCityGames.com booth at Grand Prix Houston!
Thursday, April 1st – Extended Season is winding to a close, and the metagame is well documented. At the top of the heap we have the Combo and Aggro decks; in fact, the lack of control decks is perhaps the one missing link in the format. Ben Lundquist believes that midrange BG Pox Rock is in a perfect spot to take up the control mantle. Is this midrange strategy ready to hit the big time? Read on to find out!

Feature Article – Esper Control in Standard

Visit the StarCityGames.com booth at Grand Prix Houston!
Wednesday, March 24th – With Standard still dominated by the Red/Green/Black wrecking machine, Ben Lundquist is looking for something a little different. Today, he shares his funky Esper Control deck for Standard play. With UW Control mutating into a tap-out strategy, is this the next evolution of the modern countermagic deck?

Feature Article – Proper Preparation

Tuesday, March 16th – In the first edition of a new weekly column, Pro Tour mainstay Ben Lundquist discusses the need for proper preparation when going into high-level Magic events. Scrubbing out is never a good feeling… but if we’re honest, do we always do all we can to avoid such an ignoble exit? Ben reveals all…

The North American Challenge – A Tournament Report *1st*

For the North American Challenge, Ben turned his back on the Tron deck that sent him to Worlds… turning instead to the powerful Erayo Ninja deck that ravaged German Nationals. Mr Lundquist, heralded as “the future of American Magic,” took home all the marbles, swinging for two and drawing a card all the while. This interesting report chronicles the highs and lows from each match.

Coming Close at U.S. Nationals – U/R Tron Examined

Ben, the recent second-place finisher in the 2006 U.S. Nationals, takes us through the design of his successful U/R Tron deck. With strong matchups across the board, these Blue/Red mana-mad decks are proving to be a powerful force in the metagame. Ben, in his first article, shares the card choices and sideboard strategies that almost propelled him to the top!