AuthorBen Goodman

As a member of the Magic Online clan Cymbrogi, Ben has had a hand in designing and developing many successful decks, including the "Ghost Dad" archetype that he piloted to a 22nd place finish at Pro Tour: Honolulu.

The Official Ghost Dad Primer

After a sterling performance at Pro Tour Honolulu, we’re pleased to bring Ben Goodman, a.k.a. “Ridiculous Hat,” to the StarCityGames Feature Writing team. Today, he dispenses the knowledge on his – and Clan Cymbrogi’s – Pro Tour Creation… Ghost Dad. Get the inside scoop on one of the most exciting Standard decks of recent months…

Building a Legacy – GP: Philadelphia *Top 8*

I’m going to start this article the only way I can to keep it interesting – most of you have probably heard of me, not for what I’ve accomplished, but rather for what I’ve disrupted. At PTNO of 2003, team Your Move Games had an awesome Goblins deck that comboed off with a little-known enchantment from Mercadian Masques called Food Chain. It could kill on turn 2 and absolutely blindside whoever was expecting a more normal Goblins deck… if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone at the tournament already knew about it. That was because of me.

Hi, I’m Ben. Nice to meet you.