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Ben has been involved for over 20 years with Magic, including two tenures as a weekly columnist for WotC, eight Pro Tour appearances, providing coverage for the Pro Tour, and being a financial expert on Magic values. Ben started as an employee at SCG in 2003 as a card buyer and is now the General Manager.

18,000 Words: How Accurate Were You, And How Accurate Will I Be?

I’m not guaranteeing I’ll hit every deck in the format, but I’d like to think that after immersing myself in these cards and in Magic Online Block Constructed tournaments, I have some idea of what will and won’t see play – and here are the important decks. Also, I’ll show you what the most popular Onslaught Block Constructed reader’s picks were!

18,000 Words: My Predictions For Onslaught Block Constructed

I challenged you to name the top fifteen cards that would show up in the format, by quantity, and rank them in order. Whoever comes the closest to predicting these fifteen cards wins your choice of a box of product, or $50 cash. But here’s the catch: Nobody is winning that box. You know why? Cause I’m going to win my own contest. I am to make sure that none of your money-grubbing hands gets even a single fingerprint on the outer plastic wrap of my box. Here’s the fifteen cards that will – WILL! – see the most play at Venice.

18,000 Words: A Few Words From The Guy Who Posts The “Damned Decklists”

As many people know, I’m the decklist guy for most major events for Wizards at this point. I type between 110-130 wpm, depending on how tired I am. For a 345-person Rochester draft tournament, it would take a single person, using my shortcut program, twenty-three hours of continuous typing to finish the first draft pod alone.

18,000 Words: White Weenie – Fiends

Welcome back to another installment of 18,000 words, in which I once again pay off the debt I owe society, word by word. This week, we’re looking at Christophe Lippert’s Fiends and Joachim Hoh’s White Weenie.
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18,000 Words: Where Did Fluctuator Go?

Several teams tried breaking the card, but none could build a consistent enough deck to go along with the artifact. Other players asked, on the day of Pro Tour Houston,”isn’t that card banned?” (It isn’t.) So why, at a time when Astroglide decks were burning up States, did not one cycling-centered deck appear at Houston?

Word-O-Meter: 1300/11900 words (11% complete)

18,000 Words, Prelude: The Prep Work

This has been some time in coming, hasn’t it? Many thought that I wouldn’t get this done – but here it is, in all its glory. Be prepared for a long, long ride into the journey that is Pro Tour Houston, the new Extended, Ben Bleiweiss, and a bunch of cards with white mana in their casting cost… And we’ll be looking at who finished what, and where, before I start in on Monday.

The Future’s Past: A Study of Magic Rarity, Part 2

The Dark through In the last part of the article, I examined the beginnings of Magic: The Gathering from inception through Legends (which would be considered the ‘last’ of the classic sets). The first expansion set after Revised (which would mark the beginning of ‘modern’ magic via the Pro Tour and Type 2) was The…