AuthorAndrew Brown

Andrew Brown is a Platinum Pro from Los Angeles and a member of Team East West Bowl. He has two Pro Tour top 8s in addition to a Grand Prix title. Although he's only been playing since 2012, he's carved a name for himself as one of the new up and coming faces of professional magic. A lover of control decks, Eldrazi, and team drafting, Andrew is known for making Draft commons shine on the big stage.

Winning Ad Nauseam

Platinum Pro Andrew Brown knows you’re getting geared up for #SCGORL, so he has a recommendation: play this deck! A complete tips, tricks, and sideboard guide for this underrated combo deck is here waiting for you!

Cards That Will Shine Post-Rotation

Platinum Pro Andrew Brown returns to StarCityGames.com to do a little good old fashioned prognostication! Which sleeper cards does he think have the best chance to shine after Kaladesh Standard starts? Find out here!

Emerging Victorious

Platinum Pro Andrew Brown joins SCG to discuss his Pro Tour Eldritch Moon top 8, his unusual build of a breakout archetype, and how to pilot the deck correctly if you’re taking on the #SCGNY Standard Classic this Sunday!