Wacky Wednesdays #15: And You, And You, And You….

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Not only are we talking about the #2 red spell from the multiplayer Hall of Fame, it’s also the spell that Mr. Alongi wrote about on his first article over at Magicthegathering.com. So we have known about its existence for a good two months now, what have we done with it so far?

A Little Too Sick by J. Asdgasgh

It was a late Friday night and five of us sat down to play a weird multiplayer game. The decks involved were a weird/banned version of Tinker, a hundred-card cross of The Rock and Wild Zombies, a weird U/R/G 250-card monstrosity (and it didn’t play Battle of Wits), a U/G Madness deck….

And my B/R deck that just wanted to do the most damage to everybody and everything.

After a while the guy playing Tinker Braingeysered himself for fifteen. The U/R/G told everyone to draw fifteen cards with Radiate. A counter war ensued between the person playing Tinker and everyone else – but the Radiate resolved and everyone was tapped out. I draw my fifteen cards… And I topdeck Sickening Dreams. I made everyone sick, including myself. Whoops, no winner.

FOILY by DrEvil

Ever since cracking open a pack of Torment and finding a foil Radiate, one lucky fool has corrupted almost every multiplayer game he’s been in. Here are some of the more hilarious plays: Time Stretch+Radiate, Lightening Bolt+Radiate+Deflect – and finally, Radiate+Haunting Echoes+Traumatize. (It was late in the game and there were two Mana Flares in play.)

NOTE: This is posted as emailed to me. I’ll give a little clarification. Radiating a Time Stretch allows you to give everyone two extra turns in any order you like, except for yourself; you’ll take them last. Bolt-RadiateDeflection means everyone and everything takes three damage except yourself; distribute those three where you like. RadiateHaunting EchoesTraumatize… Well, I think with two Mana Flares in play, I hope he means Traumatize, Radiate it (hopefully, you’ll have a Deflection), then Haunting Echoes, Radiate it (and you’ll need a Deflection).

Who needs cards?

Peter Jahn also told you about my nice little combo – Wheel of Fortune, Plagiarize, Radiate. I built a Counterphoenix deck with Squees, Forbids, and all sorts of other red and blue goodies. Wheel is always a good addition in my opinion; Radiate is about as cool as it gets – and I wanted to try out Plagiarize because, well, you can always screw someone over. Even a Sylvan Library would make it a nice little addition. I was goldfishing the deck some and with three Mana Flares on the board I cast a Stroke of Genius on myself for a "couple" of cards. The combo just fell into my hands; I laughed maniacally.

Next Week

Will feature some old school cards and creatures, big creatures – no bigger then that; okay, okay; not that big. If you have any comments or wacky stories, please send them to [email protected]!

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