Vintage Masters Preview: Jace, the Mind Sculptor

Jace, the Mind Sculptor is in Vintage Masters, and even noted anti-blue mage Cedric Phillips has to celebrate!

Spring 2014 State Championships

When you think of me, you probably think of a few things:

Commentary for SCGLive!

    Phillips and Patrick Sullivan

    Phillips and Joey Pasco

Apparently I’m very excitable.

Fantastic choice in music!


New Found


I’m trying to stay young over here, OK?

And my absolute hatred of blue cards!

I’m stubborn. I like to win my own way. Preferably without Islands in my deck. But every once in a while, a blue card comes along that even I must play.
And I tried pretty hard not to, but once you get a taste, it’s hard not to come back. Besides, we had a lot of fun together:

What do these two decks have in common? Besides being an absolute blast to play, they’re centered around one card:

Jace, the
    Mind Sculptor in Vintage Masters

The boss is back and he’s got some brainstorming to do. Now I have no idea what Vintage Masters is going to be like, as the previews are just now rolling
in, but I can’t imagine passing this card too often.

It’s Jace. You can’t just pass Jace.

Well, I guess you could. But you’ll probably regret it. Because even though that Mox is all shiny and cool, and that Black Lotus is giving you a sweet
boost in mana, Jace is what wins games. And I don’t know about you, but I’m in the business of winning games.

Look at it this way. If Jace could carry me to wins, the most anti-blue mage you know, imagine what it’s capable of in your hands, you
levelheaded, reasonable, blue-playing Magican, you.

Vintage Masters was looking pretty sweet already, but this one just put it over the top.

Welcome back, old friend. You were missed. Even by me.

Spring 2014 State Championships