Video: Recurring Nightmare in Legacy

Drew Levin takes his Iname-themed Recurring Nightmare deck through four rounds of Legacy and comes to a surprising conclusion about an underappreciated card!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

As per usual, I made some changes to the article version of the decklist. These changes were designed to make the deck less situationally powerful (it
couldn’t tutor up a Rule of Law in Game 1) but more consistent in its goals (it could tutor up a Recurring Nightmare instead of merely trying to draw one).

The results were mixed. I’m sad to say that the core goal of the deck — Entombing for Iname, Death Aspect and using Recurring Nightmare to both trigger it
and set up a Yosei-lock — is a bit too weak for Legacy. In exploring this, though, it became clear just how powerful Bloodghast is.

For those of you who didn’t watch the videos, Bloodghast is responsible for winning every single game I recorded. Its near-immunity to spot removal, its
synergy with Cabal Therapy, and its oft-forgetten (even by yours truly) conditional haste are all excellent against a wide variety of decks in Legacy. I am
eager to give Bloodghast more time in the spotlight, as I am now more confident than ever that Sam Black was onto something beautiful with his Zombies
deck. I think Gravecrawler is probably taking it a bit far, but I have a deep appreciate for Bloodghast and Cabal Therapy.

For those of you who want something even further out in left field, I ask only that you wait a few more days. There was a truly decisive winner in last
week’s poll, and I can’t wait to show the deck to you all.