Video: Jeskai Ascendancy Combo In Legacy

Sam had to choose between #SCGINVI and testing for the Pro Tour, but he wanted to share his take on Legacy with this Jeskai Ascendancy playtesting video!

As much as I would have liked to spend last weekend at the Season One Invitational, because I had a great time at the Season Four Invitational in Seattle last year, I spend every release weekend drafting the newest set of Magic, as it has always been an important part of my Pro Tour preparation. At the Season Four Invitational, I played Jeskai Ascendancy Combo in Legacy and I loved the deck, which helped take me to a Top Eight finish. Since then, Treasure Cruise has been banned… but despite that major blow, I think the deck still might have what it takes in Legacy. I thought I’d try it out for you while we wait for Dragons of Tarkir to hit Magic Online.

This is the list I’ll be playing:

I’m playing four copies of Dig Through Time to handle the heavy lifting from Treasure Cruise, but I’ve added a few pairs of Faithless Looting and Deep Analysis to supplement the missing card draw.

Overall, the deck was obviously better with Treasure Cruise, and while most other decks were too, the point of this deck was that its cruises were the best cruises. However, now most people don’t even have Dig Through Time, so it’s almost as good. It’s early to say, but this still feels competitive to me.