Video: Infect in Modern

Ari Lax takes a page from the Tom Ross school of Magic and pilots Infect in this series of Magic Online videos!

Deck Tech

Round 1: Burn

Round 2: Mono Green Devotion

Round 3: Affinity

Round 4: UR Delver

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I think Infect in general is a fine choice for upcoming events, as it feels Twin’s presence is dying down a bit. Not that Twin is a bad matchup, but I would rather not face it if I didn’t have to.

That said, I would not copy this list. It was a very, VERY fine tuned list for the post-Richmond metagame and doesn’t have the breadth I like for a GP. There’s a minimum amount of random crap insurance I want going into a potentially 2000-person event where deck cost is a metagame factor.

I did really like Viridian Corrupter, but four main is likely overkill. Three seems like a more “mature” number to use a Brian DeMars phrase. Extra copies can make their way to the sideboard.

I definitely want the full set of Might of Old Krosa, and I don’t want Phytoburst. Cheap easy pump please, especially when the difference in one mana on Phytoburst often means you could have just attacked once for the 1 infect it adds.

I probably want an Apostle’s Blessing over the Pact of Negation. I doubt you are paying the Pact cost on that one, so the anti-combo applications are minimal while the “can’t be blocked” applications of Blessing are a big deal.

Four Mutagenic Growth is excessive when the card doesn’t counter Lightning Bolt. The life loss does start to add up, and the card is relatively low impact. That said, if you move to more Wild Defiance in expectation of more Red spells you can justify a set.

The sideboard all seems reasonable. Not much to fix there, but you can always play around with it.

I can see arguments for playing the Black list, but that one absolutely can’t support Gitaxian Probe due to the three color life loss mana base. If I played that deck I would look a lot at Inquisition of Kozilek from Olle Rade’s Magic Online lists last year. The fact it doesn’t cost life means a lot and it still covers Twin and Scapeshift on the combo front pretty well.