Video Drafting With Noah – Scars of Mirrodin #3!

Wednesday, December 15th – Noah Weil tries something different this time and enlists the help of guest hosts: Gavin Verhey and Eric Reasoner, and the three of them comment in these high quality draft videos. Enjoy!

Author’s Note: An experiment in formats today I decided to enlist the help of Gavin Verhey and Eric Reasoner to add commentary to today’s
draft. This was completely unscripted and organic and I think it turned out well. I would revisit this format again perhaps with other local pros.
What do you think?

While we were unable to commit early I think the deck ended up in a good place. A few loose cards were balanced by a couple bomby rares. As Gavin said
in the video if we draw the top half of the deck we should be in good shape.

Nothing to say here except we had a few judgment calls and our opponent made some odd decisions. Elspeth is a tricky card to use correctly although I
think everyone would agree he didn’t use it optimally.

Fascinating games. Both times felt like we were closing in before things slipped away. Two mistakes stood out: on the crucial turn in game 2 we should
have led with Wing Puncture. Not that it would’ve been countered but it might have looked like the bait spell so that Skinrender got hit so that the
Dragon came down. Unlikely but still the better play. Secondly although I don’t think it mattered at all we should’ve attacked Skinrender into
Neurok Replica and used Tainted Strike.

Not the happiest of outcomes but again some interesting games. I hope you enjoyed us trying something new. Any constructive comments on the format
draft or games are welcome in the forums. On behalf of Eric Gavin and myself thanks for watching.