Upper Deck Premier Event (Marvel VS) Schedule

Louisville, KY; Vs. Pro Circut Qualifier

Saturday, May 29th
Holiday Inn; Airport South; 2715 Fern Valley Road, Louisville, KY 40213
Doors open at 8:00 AM; Sealed Pack tournament begins at 10:00 AM. Constructed tournament begins after round two of the sealed pack tournament ends. Pre-registration is NOT required for either event.
Tournament Structure:
Both events are run swiss format (the number of rounds depends on the number of players) with a cut to the top 8. The round legnth is 60 minutes. The number of rounds is determined by the number of players. The top 8 in the sealed pack tournament will continue with their original deck.
Entry Fee:
Sealed Pack format: $25.00; Constructed format: $20.00
Both the Sealed Pack event AND the Constructed event will offer a 1st prize of USD $250 and an invitation to the first Pro Circuit stop at Gen Con Indy 2004 . Sealed product will be awarded to the 2nd -8th place finishers in EACH tournament!
Player Eligibility :
Players may not be simultaneously enrolled in both tournaments. Players must have dropped from the sealed pack tournament if they wish to play in the constructed tournament. Players may not participate in PCQs if they have already won an invitation to the Pro Circuit event for which the Qualifier offers an invitation.
Deck Registration:
Limited: In the Sealed Pack format, each player will receive four Marvel™ Origins boosters. Players will have 20 minutes to open the packs, sort the cards, register all the cards on the checklist, and turn in the registered cards and checklist to the judges. All registered decks will then redistributed at random. Players then have 30 minutes to construct a deck of at least 30 cards from the cards they receive.
There is currently no side-deck in the Vs. System, so once the deck is completed and the decklist is registered and submitted, the deck must match this list throughout the entire tournament.

Constructed: Every player must provide us with a legible copy of their decklist. Blank decklist forms will be available at the tournament. We will also have judges on hand to check your deck and sleeves before the tournament begins. We HIGHLY recommend that players take advantage of this in order to avoid possible penalties later on.

Side Events:
Booster draft and constructed side events will be offered throughout the day.
More Information:
Players who want specific information can contact us at Mail us at https://sales.starcitygames.com/contactus/contactform.php?emailid=5 or by calling (540) 362-4400