The Magic Show #67 – The Magic Invitational 2007, Part 1

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to a very special edition of the Magic Show! Three months ago, you guys voted to send me to this thing, and now you get to see what I saw. Watch Kenji go nuts, me explain how I lost to Nakamura, hear from the man who created Tarmogoyf, and more. It’s all inside!

[Editor’s Note: This article was posted on Saturday, rather than the regular Friday… so today you have a chance to watch if you missed it!]

I apologize for the delay this week. Jetlag kicked my ass, and I had to finish the Valencia Finals for Wizards before the ‘Show could get my full attention. Stupid responsibilities. But I think the result is really good this week. Your feedback is welcome as always.

Thanks again for your support everybody, and to all the cool pros in Essen. Not a single prick among em, honest, all of them simply hardworking Magic players. Hell, Guillaume and I even lost our luggage together at the Dusseldorf airport.

Until next week when we see more Rosewater, Forsythe, and of course Kenji, this is Evan Erwin, tapping the cards at the Magic Invitational so you don’t have to.

And yes, I really did go there and include Europe to open the show.

Music Credits:
Opening – “The Final Countdown” by Europe (and I think Skaff Elias or Tim Willoughby)
Player Dinner – “Mass Romantic” by The New Pornographers
Kenji – “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne
Cube Draft – “Jesusland” by Ben Folds Five
A Stroll Through Spiel – “Run In The Walls” by Bravery
What Does the Invitational Mean To You? – “Long Road To Ruin” by Foo Fighters
Mike Turian Interview – “The Sharpest Lives” by My Chemical Romance

Teaser – “Let’s Call It Off” by Peter, Bjorn and John

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Written at 2:38AM on Saturday morning. 7.5hrs in the editing room (and counting)