StarCityGames.com Is Looking For A Video Director / Producer!

StarCityGames.com is ready to engage a full-time position in the director’s chair of our SCGLive broadcasts!

Wanted: Online Video Broadcast Director and Producer

StarCityGames.com is ready to engage a full-time position in the director’s chair of our SCGLive broadcasts. This includes attending each event and keeping everyone in the loop and motivated to put on a great show.

When not live at events you’ll be at StarCityGames HQ in Roanoke, VA, working closely with Evan Erwin on producing video segments of SCGLive events along with special secret projects and other video production duties.

If you live, breathe, and eat video (and particularly Magic video), this position is for you!

If we had to describe the personality traits of the person that we wanted to hire, it would include things like
– Highly motivated
– Detail oriented
– Is A Ninja
– Good communication skills, both verbally and written
– Creative
– Above all, a positive attitude.

General Duties


– Work on various video projects including unboxing videos, tutorial videos, and various other series we would like to develop. Basically, creating video content while not at an event…creating video content 🙂 We want to really ramp up our video output, and this person would be responsible for a lot of that work.

– Work directly with Evan Erwin on developing new segments for the The Magic Show and other potential video series.

Out of House

– Directing SCGLive. This includes management of the stream and commentators, staying in constant communication with Glenn on-site and Ryan off-site to update coverage and ensure everything is moving smoothly. This would require you to travel to all events (see above).

– Working on SCGLive direction and output. Ways to keep commentators engaged, audiences watching, etc.

Required Skills

– Familiarity with Magic: The Gathering and an understanding of the formats played at the Open Series. You don’t have to be a pro player, but you must be familiar with the game.
– Familiarity with Video Editing Software and practices (Final Cut Studio experience preferred).
– Familiarity with Video and Audio Broadcasting/Recording Equipment.

Candidates must meet one of these three criteria:

– 4-Year degree in a directly related field
– 2-Year degree + on-the-job experience
– Really, really good at what you do, with a proven history of excellence.

If this sounds like your type of position, send a resume + cover letter to [email protected] and join the SCG Family!