SCG Tour ®Season 3 Announcements!

Cedric Phillips details the Season 3 SCG Tour® schedule and other exciting introductions for those of you who may have missed it during PAX East last weekend!

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<p>Last Friday was a truly special day for me, Assistant Media Manager Jeremy Noell, and 2015 StarCityGames.com Players’ Champion Jim Davis, as we got to talk about Magic, the SCG Tour<sup>®</sup>, and unveil some cool new stuff during PAX East. Best of all, we got to do it live on Twitch for the entire world to see!</p>
<p><div align=Cedric, Jeremy, and Jim at PAX

As someone who has sat in front of a camera bringing you coverage of the SCG Tour® for the past four years, rarely am I nervous when the red light turns on. But on Friday, I definitely was. Fortunately our host, Marcus “DJ Wheat” Graham, made things easy, fun, and segued us beautifully to the things we were there to unveil.

Which brings me to why you’re reading this article. What did we unveil at PAX East? Quite a few things!

Season Three Schedule of the SCG Tour®




August 20-21

New Jersey


September 3-4



September 17-18



October 1-2



October 22-23



November 5-6



November 12-13



November 19-20



December 2-4

Atlanta Invitational


Things to note:

– The New Jersey Modern Open on August 20-21 is part of the New Jersey Invitational Weekend.

– We will announce the playmat(s) for Season Three later this year.

– We will announce the main event maximum seating capacity for each event during Season Three later this year.

The Newest Member of the Creature Collection

Snipcaster Mage

Things to note:

– Pins and tokens of Snipcaster Mage can be won at your local Game Night during the month of July. You can find out more about Game Night here!

– Playmats, sleeves, and player bundles of Snipcaster Mage will be available later this year, but you can find more of your Creature Collection favorites here.

The Playmat and Token for the Season Two Regional Championships

Season Two Regionals Announcement

Season Two Regionals Playmat

Season Two Regionals Token

Things to note:

– The name of the Regionals playmat is “Hot Pursuit.”

– The goblin’s name is pronounced Ugh. Not Again. It took me a few tries too!

– As usual, the playmat and token for the Season Two Regional Championships will be free and exclusive to the first 200 players who register.

– Regional Championship locations will be announced later this year, but you can find out more about the prizes and structure here.

I’d like to take this time to thank the wonderful people at Twitch for allowing us to unveil all of this cool stuff at PAX East, as well as you for supporting the SCG Tour®. Without your support, we wouldn’t even be a blip on Twitch’s incredibly large radar, so many thanks to you and I hope to see you in some capacity during Season Two and Three of the SCG Tour®!

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