SCG Daily – The Magic Show #6 – Building Dragonstorm #1

This week’s SCG Daily series is something a little different… five video articles from Evan Erwin! Today’s episode of The Magic Show looks at the discovery and first build of a Standard Dragonstorm deck, the development of which continues tomorrow…

The following is my finding and then developing a version of Dragonstorm combo. Enjoy!

[I would really suggest you watch the video before reading further.]

Please note that I had seen absolutely nothing of the Dragonstorm combo except the basic pieces themselves before I began to build. So this is a raw build with “raw materials” (such as when Tooth and Nail ran Cloudpost for some time). It’s not perfect, but it gets better. Which is the point of this series.

For those who scream “the test game sucks!” … it’s a learning experience, my first game ever with my first build. Based on this one game you can see there are changes necessary. To see those changes in action, join me tomorrow.

Thanks for watching.

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