All you have to do is to provide me with as many answers as possible to the following cryptic clues, and you could win a foil rare!*

This week I shall be doing mostly sod all and letting you lot take some of the strain.

Fancy winning a prize?


All you have to do is to provide me with as many answers as possible to the following cryptic clues (some are anagrams, some are just plain obscure); each cunning conundrum yields the name of a Magical card from the Mercadian Masques set onwards (and that’s all the help you’re getting).

Send your answers to me at [email protected] when you’re done, and you could be the lucky recipient of a foil rare!*

The closing date is (raises finger in the air) the end of March, 2001. All entries received before that time are eligible; those that aren’t will be redirected to /dev/null.

Enough of the prittle-prattle and on with the show!

Tony’s Ticklers**
1. On reflection, Industrial Action?
2. What Jesus gets on his birthday
3. Yes! I am a metal star – ta!
4. Was that a bang?, an explosion?…
5. It’s a pie-eating contest!
6. What you find at the end of Urza’s cigarette
7. Ole grass-garden
8. Keeping fit without the Queen is removal
9. Tour around
10. With reference to the lentil
11. A better oil
12. Re: Orim – calm or morose?
13. Heating metal? O!
14. Who speaks about Wetland?
15. It’s no march
16. Gosh! Making a mess with the joins
17. Whisky loom
18. For live
19. Another toilet’s not working!
20. Chasms by the colloquial pound
21. Alpine drag
22. It’s in Germany somewhere
23. Dodo ire?
24. Sounds like a dawn greeting
25. Anxious moment?
26. Beating it? Oi!
27. Large heads
28. Layers of rock, Professor?
29. Flex the ball, say. Sweep up the leaves!
30. Sang all over the place
31. In Gary’s arse!
32. Ogre coat
33. It’s not under yours, its…
34. Endless fur in a British Gallery
35. A mole? Golly!
36. Washington’s short cry
37. A ‘noir’ mental mire
38. Re-work date
39. Pot shot?
40. Faster!

Hold that thought…

…now, get on with something else, you idle, shiftless bums!

Ciao babies,

Tony Boydell

* – Don’t get too excited – it’ll probably be a Plague Wind, a Donate, or maybe a Well-Laid Plans! I’d offer to sign it too, only these cards are worth so little to start with I wouldn’t want to deprive you of a potential meal

** – Un-ribbed