MTGO Video: Modern Jund

If you are looking forward to the next PTQ season, Todd Anderson has a treat for you! He recorded a Modern Daily Event with Reid Duke’s Jund list from the Magic Online Championships.

I have a treat for you guys today, as we delve into our first Modern Daily Event in quite some time. While a lot of the more degenerate cards in the format have been banned or neutered, there are still a lot of awesome tools to work with. Punishing Fire and Grove of the Burnwillows are on my hot list for cards I want to play with, and Reid Duke Jund list from the Magic Online World Championships seems like a great place to start.

While this list is pretty similar to Reid’s, I did make a few small changes just to test some things out. Punishing Fire seemed like it would be incredibly problematic for this deck, so I added some Surgical Extractions to the sideboard to help alleviate that pressure. However, if the opponent ever gets two Groves active, then Surgical Extraction doesn’t really do much.

Thrun was a card that I cut last minute and really regret. Going forward, I will probably have some number of these in the sideboard or possibly even the maindeck, since he presents a threat to the opponent that is very hard to deal with.

The deck is very attrition-oriented, as it can outlast virtually any deck competing on a fair level. If the other deck isn’t playing fair, you have a ton of disruptive elements to throw at them. I never got to use Thorn of Amethyst, but I can definitely see why it would be there. Opponents relying on the storm mechanic will have a tough time building a decent spell count when Thorn is in play.

Overall, the deck is powerful, and I always felt like I had an out even when I was behind. Bloodbraid Elf and company are really good, and I expect this deck to gain a lot of popularity when Modern becomes the next PTQ format.



Round 1

Round 2: Missing (Coming Soon!)

Round 3

Round 4