MTGCast #229 – (This is) Chewbacca in a Pepsi Can

Thursday, October 21st – Wow, it’s a star-studded cast with Conley, Gavin, Tom, Jack, Robert, and Adam Styborski!

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This Week in Magic

Wow, it is a star-studded cast with Conley, Gavin, Tom, Jack, Robert, and Adam Styborski (his
Pauper cube site

his Twitter feed


We start off with Ruel’s article about bluffing and whether it’s a real concern or not so much in Magic. Then, we jump feet first into the
big WPN controversy

with tournament support being restricted to stores only and is in effect NOW.
StarCityGames.com Open Series: Nashville

was this past weekend with Jessie Butler winning the Legacy portion and Jacob Baugh winning the Standard portion. We get a view of the
upcoming Gateway and Gameday prizes

. The
new GP promo

is Maelstrom Pulse.

What Have We Been Playing?

Adam has his
new Karn EDH deck on his latest Serious Fun article

. Robert is working on some Mono-Blue, Tom is excited to update his Experiment Kraj EDH deck with proliferate! Gavin is chomping for Extended, and Conley talks some SOM Sealed.

Listener Emails

It is a shorter list after our abrupt show end last week, and I apologize for not mentioning Joep’s great
new MTG combo site.

MTGCast News

Make sure to check out Adam’s
“Create a contest” contest here!

Contest: Create the next Duel Decks sponsored by
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in Danville, KY!

Prizes: 1x FTV: Relics set and 1x Koth of the Hammer

Open: For the next month

Where to enter: Must post entry
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