MTGCast #219 – Slobad Bonebad

The StarCityGames.com Open Series heads to Denver!
Wednesday, August 11th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss GenCon tournaments, wagering in Magic, FNM promos, and much more!

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MTGCast #219 – Slobad Bonebad
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Oh yeah, it’s Tom, Jack and Conley is back! Conley gives us the low down on the immense Magic weekend at GenCon, and this includes a Vintage Championship, Legacy Championship, Zendikar Block Championship, Sealed 2HG Championship and more. We also revisit the GP: Columbus wagering discussion with Conley and turns out to be very enlightening with more of the background on the Pro Tour Player side and perspective. Mirrodin Besieged was announced officially (who doesn’t love the three letter code of MBS). FNM promo for September is Qasali Pridemage.

What Have We Been Playing?
Conley gives the low down on his various decks of GenCon. Tom asks for some help on a budget friendly Standard deck to try and win his full art Mitotic Slime AND has some new cards to think of for his Mathematician’s Wet Dream EDH deck in Trinisphere, Magus of the Tabernacle, Pendrell Mists, Peacekeeper.

Listener Emails
We run through a whole bunch this week!

MTGCast News
It’s time to announce of the “Create the next From the Vault set” contest!
Email Tom at [email protected] with your mailing address if you are a winner.

Archenemy t-shirt + Dragon Archenemy deck:
absurdparadox with From the Vault: Epic Beards!

M10 Intro deck:
Alexandrite with From the Vault: Invitational

M11 intro deck:
LaserHosen with From the Vault: Really, Really Niche

Rise of the Eldrazi Intro Deck:
themaninnavyblue19 with FTV: Legends of the Skyship Weatherlight

Lilliana’s paper DoTP deck:
sd61 with FTV: Sleepers – Trash to Treasure

3x Random pack from Alara Reborn / WWK / M10 / RoE / etc:

The Turquoise Mage with FTV: A token of my appreciation

raijinnfury with From the Vault: Icons

PoisonedFly with FTV: FTW

thedean with From the Vault: Judge Headaches

??? with From the Vault: “**** this ****, I’m gonna go play Yu-Gi-Oh!” / FtV:”Fts,IggpYGO”

Chefy with From the Vault: Portal (and Starter)

bnrichard with From the Vault: North Dakota!

SirJarlsburg with From the Vault: MTG Cast

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