MTGCast #200 – The Beefmaster LIVE!

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Wednesday, March 31st – On this milestone live edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss Rise of the Eldrazi, the tournament scene, Grand Prix: Brussels, and more!

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MTGCast #200 – The Beefmaster LIVE!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Well, it’s the big episode 2-0-0, so we did a live episode via Talkshoe. This makes for a wild podcasting adventure, but also makes the audio quality not so hot, so bear with us, this only happens once a year or so. Onto the news!

The official WoTC “My Magic” contest ends next week. We have all of the hosts run through some Rise of the Eldrazi picks and Conley and Gavin both agree that Realms Uncharted looks to be the winner for constructed applications so far, Tom is obviously quite excited for Ooze Genesis, and ladies, make sure to check out the Beefmaster! The Pre-release promo will be Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, Release promo will be Lord of Shatterskull Pass and the Gameday promos include everyone receiving a Staggershock and the top 8’s getting a Deathless Angel. Don’t miss the second awesome “Booster Quest” with The Shaman’s Orb. We also run through the ever-growing cash tournament scene. GP Brussels is the largest Standard tournament of all time and congratulations to Emanuele Giusti winning with Jund. We also had the SCG Open in Orlando and Minneapolis is getting Nationals on August 21st! We also talk about Brandon of the Huffingtonpost getting into magic with a goal of making the Pro Tour by 2012. Eric also fills us in on the info that Magic is selling amazingly well and is helping to keep Hasbro go-go-going.

Listener Emails / Callers / chat questions
Here is our listener B-movie recommendations: Naked Space, Hercules in New York, Ninja Terminator, Robo Vampire, Inbred Redneck, Redneck Zombies, Flight of the Living Dead, Fido, Chinese Super Ninjas, Blood-Sucking Freaks, Cannibal the Musical, Dog Soldiers. A Mass Effect movie is in the works. Thanks to the listeners who remembered Bill Cosby’s “Picture Pages“. Steve Wolf sends in a video of his barbershop quartet from PT San Diego with their “Ode to Jund“.

We have some great call-ins and chat questions including a great discussion of the possible use of “functional reprints” in the Reserved List update.

MTGCast News

Well, it was episode 200 which means that Tom and all of the co-hosts say a big thanks to the listeners and a huge thank you to Steve from Tom for the amazing full-art Experiment Kraj (scan!) by the amazing artists at CardKitty.com!

Contest: For the upcoming Planeswalker movie, pick a planeswalker and which actor or actress you would like to play them and why!
Prizes: 12 prize packs, each pack with 3 WWK boosters
Where: Post in the comments section or in this MTGCast thread.

B-horror movie pick of the week is: Dead Alive (by Peter Jackson!)

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