MTGCast #199 – Dromad Purebred Show

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Wednesday, March 24th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss the recent Reserve List shenanigans, the introduction of Legacy on MTGO, Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers, Scars of Mirrodin, and much more.

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MTGCast #199 – Dromad Purebred Show
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Conley is back, baby, and it gets dirty pretty quickly. The MTG community is an uproar over the Reserved list policy update, and we give it a thorough beating along with the announcement of Legacy becoming an MTGO format. Scars of Mirrodin, first in the 3 set Scars of Mirrodin block, has been officially announced and coming at you on 10/1/10. A bunch of good Eldrazi tidbits on the “Gods and Monsters” article on the mother ship and we are awaiting the other two legendary Eldrazi creatures with baited breath and tentacles. Congratulations to Katsuhiro Mori for winning GP Yokohama with Thopter/Depths. Mananation has a news item from Cartamundi about a potential rise in Magic card prices. WoTC gives us a new application and videos to introduce new players to the game. Master’s Edition III goes off sale March 22 at 9:00 AM PST / 17:00 UTC. Some changes for the Midwest Master Series and SCG Opens. We have the announcement of a second expansion for the Duels of the Planeswalkers for the Xbox 360. Learn more about doing your own art alterations with Dave Lovelace on Mananation.

Listener Emails
So.. Many.. Good.. Emails.. Here are the movie links: Mikey, Battle Royale, Special Dead, Wild Zero (and drinking game), and The Stuff. WoTC forum topic on optional triggers. Link to the MTG MMO online petition.

MTGCast News
Monday Night Magic and a slew of other podcasts mentioned in Peter Jahn article on SCG and on a recent “Savor the Flavor” on the mothership.

Contest: For the upcoming Planeswalker movie, pick a planeswalker and which actor or actress you would like to play them and why!
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