MTGCast #185 – The Hedgehog Stands Alone

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Wednesday, December 16th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys talk about Worldwake, the SCG 10K Open St. Louis, EDH, and much more!

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MTGCast #185 – The Hedgehog Stands Alone
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

Worldwake rumors and news time! We discuss the officially spoiled Leatherback Baloth and Celestial Colonnade. Follow the Worldwake Spoiler at MTGSalvation. We have the first 2 of 8 pieces of the Worldwake Planeswalker Chase showing it is the Jace Planeswalker and part of its +2 loyalty ability. Steve shares a Rise of the Eldrazi expansion symbol theory. Conley walks us through the Standard and Legacy Star City Games $10K and Standard TCGPlayer $5K tournaments this past weekend along with a slew of Legacy talk. We also get to see the official Happy Holidays 2009 promo from WoTC, Season’s Beatings! Check out the nice pics and high-res wallpapers of the holiday promos here.

What Have We Been Playing?
Tom and Steve discuss their multiplayer EDH game and the debut of the Experiment Kraj deck. Conley played in States, some Extended testing and finals. Lots and lots of finals.

Listener Emails
Tons of great feedback. The link to the page on running Shandalar on modern operating systems at shalandar.com. Link to the KMC Sleeves that come in 80 and 100 packs. Link to Essential Magic with some help with cataloging cards with price data.

MTGCast News
Ethan gives us some info about his magic team, Team JoyBear (on Facebook). Tom reminds everyone that the contests are open for two more weeks. First is to email Tom ideas for names for the new upcoming video podcast to enter a drawing for a playset of commons / uncommons from Zendikar. Second is the “-ling” contest!

– Prizes: 12 prize packs of 3 Zendikar boosters
– Contest: Create one of the missing creatures in the “Morphling” cycle (i.e. Morphling, Torchling, Thornling) and we are open to the black, white, artifact, Planeswalker, hybrid mana, gold (hopefully five color).
– Where to submit: In the comment section, or preferably over in the MTGCast forum in the thread for episode 183.
– Need help with software to create a card mock-up? Check out this thread in the MTGCast forums.

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