MTGCast #151 – The Papabear Stands Alone!

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Wednesday, April 22nd – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, there’s talk on Alara Reborn, the prerelease weekend, Grand Prix: Kobe, and much more!

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MTGCast #151 – The Papabear Stands Alone!

“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
After the hub-bub of ep 150, we (I) are taking a relaxed week and Tom is running a solo show. Tomoharu Saito wins GP Kobe and is the last tournament to qualify for PT Honolulu and wins with is “Super Naya Zoo” deck. Time to get pumped for the Alara Reborn pre-releases this weekend! Find out the closest location and check out the foil promo Dragon Broodmother you get for attending. Tom briefly discusses a few cards from the unofficial spoiler, but make sure to listen next week where the a team of hosts will break down the entire set. Tom is also curious about fervor of the new art for Meddling Mage and the quotes from Chris Pikula being “totally disgusted”, especially given the art had already changed on the judge promo version? We also have the news of magic-league.com receiving a cease and desist letter from WoTC and the potential precedent it may have for other non-official magic media.

What Have You Been Playing?
Tom is still enjoying Pauper and playing around with the abuses of Martyr of Sands.

MTGCast News
Unbeknownst to Tom, MTGCast has risen to #7 in our iTunes category! Also, we are bringing back listener emails!!! So, please send some emails, especially picks for Alara Reborn to kick start this joyous occasion.

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