Moving Right Along

To anyone who has submitted or sent anything to me recently, my email collapsed. Whoops.

For those of you who are not aware, I’m in the process of moving cross-country to Cleveland — and as a result, I not only had to frontload StarCity with a week’s worth of articles in advance, but I am now working from a laptop in a hotel room.

So two things for people of note:

  1. My email crashed after downloading about 250+ messages. If you sent me anything of import between 7/3 and 7/7, I probably did not get it. Please resend all articles and whatnot.

  2. Articles will be going up much later than they usually do (I try for a two to three-day turnaround time), but catching up on everything will be heck since I don’t even have a phone line. Please be patient. Daniel Crane, who has been prone to many problems including a StarCity article addition system which seems downright vindictive when it comes to his stuff, is owed an extra-special apology and asked to resend again.

Thanks and sorry,

The Ferrett

Editor, StarCity Games