Mono-Red Aggro Will Be The Most Played Deck At SCG Indy. And It’s Going To Win.

Red decks are always the talk early on in a format, but Tom’s a lot more advanced on all things attacking and burning! One of the best aggro players in the world uncovers the details of red’s secret advantages this weekend!

Mono-Red Aggro will be the most played deck at SCG Indianapolis.

It’s the deck that you absolutely must prepare for and will likely play the
most matches against this weekend. It’s probably going to put the most
copies into Top 8 because linear aggression, historically, does very well
week one of a new format.

This will be the most played 75-card decklist at SCG Indianapolis or at
your local card shop tournament:


This is the only 5-0 Mono-Red Aggro decklist released on Monday, January
21, 2019, piloted by SCG Invitational Champion Max McVety. This is enough
time for people to digest the list, build it, and practice with it if they
haven’t already.

There’s only a single list because of the way Wizards of the Coast curates
content; each decklist they publish must be twenty cards different than
each other. There’s way more Mono-Red running around than what one decklist

“We’re changing what we mean by ‘distinct’
decklists. Currently, distinct is defined as having at least ten cards
different between lists, and we list five different distinct decklists
per day. We have found that ten-card differences often didn’t create
enough archetype differentiation. Initial testing at 20 seems to be
leading to better diversity, showing a wider spread of the metagame, so
we’re moving the definition of distinct to 20-card differentiation.”

This is the first piece of real data that Wizards of the Coast has
released, as they don’t release lists from Magic Arena. Believe me though,
it’s everyone on the Magic Arena ladder. My last five ranked games were
against various flavors of Mono-Red Aggro.