Magic Online Musings: This Week on MTGO #8

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The blisterguy is ill this week… but he’s still done his best to put virtual pen to virtual paper. From the isolation of his sick-bed, he brings you the bare bones of the Magic Online metagame. Why does he do it, if he feels so low? Because he loves us all that much.

Mucho apologero! This week’s offering is going to suck.

I am starting this game at 10 life thanks to some uber-flu that has gained control of my body. I’m just hoping this ability finishes at the end of turn. I can no more write to entertain you this week than I can do much else, other than look like my only line in this movie is “braaaaains.” For that I am sorry, and I hope some basic info will tide you over. To make this thematic, I am now going to type what small amount of information I can provide as if I were saying it with a blocked nose. You know, because that’s pretty much what I sound like right now anyway.


Here id a quick dummary of da weeked’s resulds. I feel like I would pass oud ad da keyboard if I wend drough and figured oud where everyone finished and who dey were.

17 Hand in Hand (Ruel Black/Whide)
7 Magnivore (Blue/Red with Wildfire/Dagnivore)
4 Gruul Beats (Red/Green Aggro)
3 Zoo (Green/Whide/Red Aggro)
3 Ghost Dad (Black/Whide Dallowispd)
3 Boros Deck Wins (Whide/Red Aggro)
3 Izzetron (Blue/Red Urzadron)
2 Heartbeat Combo (Uhh, combo around heardbeat of Spring and Early Harvest and so on)
2 GhaziGlare (Green/Whide Aggro Condrol with Glare of Subdual)
2 Orzhov Control (Black/Whide Condrol)
2 Owling Mine (Blue/Red with Howling Mine and Ebony Owl Nedsuke)
2 Angel/Weirding (Blue/Whide/Red Condrol with Zur’s Weirding and Firemane Andel)
GhaziGood (Green/Whide Aggro Condrol with Greader Good)
Greater Gifts (Gifds Ungiven Condrol with Greader Good)
Hierarch Control (Green/Whide/Black Condrol)
Orzhov Husk (Black/Whide Aggro with Nanduko Husk and Promise of Bunrei)
Dimirtron (Blue/Black Urzadron)
Dragon Reanimator (See below…)

So dhad’s like, a middion Orzhod decks plud one or dwo udhers. I dink id would had been cooler dhough, if more od dem were Ghodt Dad. Acdually, I don’d care dhad much, I jusd wanded to type “Ghost Dad” widh blocked dose.

Dhe lasd deck in dhad lisd by dhe way, is mosd likely based on or is dhis exacd lisd someone linked to me ad some poind in dhe lasd week or so…

Anyway, I need to ged do bed as soon as posidble, so here are the prices for dhis week widh oud commendary.

Howling Mine 3-4 (2-3)
Pithing Needle 16-18 (17-20)
Umezawa’s Jitte 9-11 (9-11)

Cranial Extraction 7-8 (7-8)
Dark Confidant 3-4 (3-4)
Kokusho, the Evening Star 6-8 (6-8)
Kagemaro, First to Suffer 6-8 (6-7)
Phyrexian Arena 1-3 (2-3)

Gifts Ungiven 4-5 (4-6)
Kami of the Crescent Moon 3-6 (3-6)
Keiga, the Tide Star 3-5 (3-5)
Meloku, the Clouded Mirror 4-6 (5-6)

Loxodon Hierarch 4-5 (4-5)
Ghost Council of the Orzhova 7-9 (8-9)
Rumbling Slum 4-6 (4-6)
Giant Solifuge 6-8 (6-7)
Burning-Tree Shaman 7-9 (9-10)

Arashi, Sky Asunder 4-6 (5-6)
Birds of Paradise 4-6 (4-6)
Greater Good 2-4 (2-4)

Char 3-5 (3-5)
Magnivore 2-4 (2-4)
Wildfire 2-4 (2-4)

Isamaru, Hound of Konda 3-4 (3-4)
Wrath of God 8-10 (8-10)
Yosei, the Morning Star 3-5 (4-5)
Paladin en-Vec 3-5 (—)

Forge[/author]“]Battlefield [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author] 6-8 (6-8)
Brushland 5-7 (5-7)
Llanowar Wastes 6-8 (5-7)
Shivan Reef 10-12 (10-12)
Underground River 5-6 (5-7)
Yavimaya Coast 6-8 (6-8)
Karplusan Forest 6-8 (6-7)
Caves of Koilos 9-11 (9-11)
Adarkar Wastes 5-7 (5-7)
Sulfurous Springs 5-7 (5-6)

Overgrown Tomb 6-7 (6-8)
Sacred Foundry 6-7 (6-7)
Temple Garden 6-8 (7-8)
Watery Grave 6-8 (6-8)
Stomping Ground 12-14 (12-14)
Steam Vents 11-13 (11-13)
Godless Shrine 13-15 (13-15)

Zzzzzz sniffle, sniffle… Here’s hoping I’m feeling better nexd week.