Inside The Magic Studio: Luis Scott-Vargas

In this Inside The Magic Studio, Robert Martin interviews five-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor and Pro Tour Hall of Fame member elect Luis Scott-Vargas!

This is Inside The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Luis Scott-Vargas.

0:45 – 1:12 – You had a unique opportunity at the World Championship to work in the booth the entire weekend on coverage. First of all, when did they approach you to do this?

1:12 – 1:25 – What was it like to work with Wizards of the Coast on coverage?

1:25 – 1:44 – Can you talk about some of the highlights for you in the booth?

1:44 – 2:00 – Was it difficult to be in the booth as a player considering the magnitude of the event?

2:00 – 2:31 – Would like do an event like this again?

2:31 – 3:37 – What could you do to help Team CFB at the World Championship?

3:37 – 4:10 – How hard it is for you to call a match with one Team CFB member playing in it?

4:10 – 4:40 – How much did you enjoy the feedback from the World Championship?

4:40 – 5:04 – What did you do with coverage after a day of work?

5:04 – 5:21 – What was the key to your success in the booth?

5:21 – 5:44 – Your thoughts on Grand Prix Oakland being CFB’s first Grand Prix?

5:44 – 6:42 – What was your experience like working with Marshall Sutcliffe in the booth?

6:42 – 7:21 –  Let’s talk about being part of 2013 Hall of Fame class, being at the World Championship and hearing the news. What were your first thoughts on being in?

7:21 – 7:55 – When you first started playing competitive Magic, did you see yourself where you are now?

7:55 – 8:52 – You are joined by fellow CFB teammate and semifinalist at the World Championship Ben Stark. Your thoughts on Ben and his career in Magic?

8:52 – 9:32 – The other member of the class of 2013 is William Jensen. Your thoughts on him and the fact that he’s back playing competitively again?

9:32 – 10:05 – Why has Team CFB been so successful?

10:05 – 11:58 – Talk a little bit about Josh Utter-Layton

11:58 – 12:26 – Josh is known for his deck tuning. How much has he helped the team?

12:26 – 13:00 – When we see photos of the team testing, you always seem to be on the computer. Why?

13:00 – 13:38 – How has life changed for you since you moved to Colorado?

13:38 – 14:06 – I have to ask what it’s like to work (Patrick) Chapin and Conley (Woods).

14:06 – 14:18 – Do you talk a lot Magic at work?

14:18 – 14:48 – Do you miss doing Magic TV and Top 8 lists?

14:48 – 16:00 – Are you going to change your schedule of events now that you’re a Hall of Famer?

16:00 – 17:11 – What decisions go into choosing to go a Grand Prix?

17:11 – 18:00 – Reaching the pinnacle of Magic, what is your motivation to keep playing?

18:00 – 18:35 – With Paulo (Vitor Damo da Rosa)’s limited Magic schedule, how does it affect his play?

18:35 – 19:42 – Normal players can’t prepare for a Pro Tour like that?

19:42 – 20:35 – How much does time played mean to a pro player?

20:35 – 21:21 – How much does your friendship with Paul Cheon mean to you?

21:21 – 22:42 – Paul made Top 8 of Grand Prix Denver in his last event. If Paul comes back to US, what that would mean to Magic?

22:42 – To End – What was biggest part of your development as a player?

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