Inside The Magic Studio: Josh Utter-Leyton

Robert Martin interviews three-time Pro Tour Top 8 competitor and Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton in this episode of Inside The Magic Studio.

This is Inside The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Josh Utter-Layton.

0:00 – 0:45 – Intro to the show and guest.

0:45 – 1:19 – Going into the last Pro Tour, you had a chance to become Player of the Year. How much pressure was on you to be Player of the Year?

1:19 – 1:30 – On your list of accomplishments so far in Magic, where does that rank?

1:30 – 2:03 – With the fact you got to captain the US team, how much of a challenge was it to captain the team?

2:03 – 2:51 – Was there any more pressure on you being the captain of the World Magic Cup team?

2:51 – 3:24 – If you get the opportunity to be in the exact same position next year, how much would change from what you did this year?

3:24 – 4:15 – Eric Froehlich said the following, "When Josh becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame, he’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer." Your thoughts?

4:15 – 5:09 – What is your approach to deckbuilding when it comes to a Pro Tour?

5:09 – 5:53 – Because of your deckbuilding prowess, how much time do you spend preparing for a Pro Tour before it happens?

5:53 – 6:45 – You don’t spend as much time preparing for Grand Prix as you do for Pro Tours, yet your results at Grand Prix have been quite good. Why is that?

6:45 – 7:31 – Is there something you’re specifically trying to get from an article when you choose to read one?

7:31 – 7:55 – You have been known to pilot almost every type of deck possible. Is there a specific deck type you like to play over another?

7:55 – 9:02 – Why did you play G/B in Modern at the World Championship?

9:02 – 9:57 – What kind of adjustments do you make in your deckbuilding when it comes to a large event versus a small event like the World Championship?

9:57 – 10:22 – Are you going to Grand Prix Detroit? Are you planning to use the same deck at Grand Prix Detroit?

10:22 – 11:07 – Why would you like to play Pod in Modern?

11:07 – 11:28 – You also decided after the World Championship, along with Reid Duke and Shahar Shenhar to go to Grand Prix Warsaw. What was the reasoning behind that?

11:28 – 11:59 – How much fun was it to spend a week with them?

11:59 – 12:16 – Do you normally review the matches you play on camera?

12:16 – 12:48 – How important is winning the World Championship to you?

12:48 – 13:07 – How much has being a part of Team CFB developed you all as players?

13:07 – 13:36 – At the World Championship, Luis Scott Vargas was in the booth instead of out there playing the event. Was that weird for you to experience as a player?

13:36 – 13:56 – With the last event at Grand Prix Oakland being run by CFB, was it interesting to see Luis back in the booth again for coverage?

13:56 – 14:08 – Does doing coverage interest you at all?

14:08 –14:36 – What is your projected schedule this year for Grand Prix?

14:36 – 14:58 – Do the changes to the system bother you as far as how many events you would like to play?

14:58 – 15:11 – Who do you think it benefits more than anyone else?

15:11 – 15:29 – When you say that you’re talking about the working segment of the Magic community, I assume you mean the ones that have regular 9 to 5 jobs?

15:29 – 15:41 – Do you have a bucket list of things left to accomplish in Magic?

15:41 – 15:52 – What are you first thoughts on Ben Stark and Luis Scott Vargas making the Hall of Fame this year?

15:52 – 16:18 – What is it about Ben Stark that you have seen over time that has made him a special player?

16:18 – 17:13 – How much have you seen the changes in Luis as a player and as a person?

17:13 – 17:44 – How much planning goes into a Pro Tour event for Team CFB?

17:44 – 18:14 – Who is the one player in Magic that has your number?

18:14 – 19:23 – How much fun is it to see someone like William Jensen do well?

19:23 – 19:41 – How much do you miss the fans being able to interact with you at events like the Pro Tour and now the World Championship?

19:41 – To End – Do you get a different feeling when you play at Grand Prix versus a Pro Tour?

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