Inside The Magic Studio: Drew Levin

Have a listen as Robert Martin interviews StarCityGames.com’s own Drew Levin in this episode of Inside The Magic Studio.


This is Inside The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Drew Levin.

0:00 – 0:12 – Intro to the show and guest.

0:12 to 1:33 – You took an extended time away from Magic last year. Why was that?

1:45 – 3:22 – How did working on a campaign effect you positively as a Magic player?

3:22 – 5:07 – Do you feel that the time away from writing articles has helped or hurt your writing?

5:07 – 7:38 – How many of your articles reflect the metagame in Legacy versus something you want to discuss about in it?

7:38 – 8:57 – You put fun things in your articles. Is that extension of your personality, or is that just the way you write?

8:57 – 9:57 – What are your Magic plans for the rest of the year?

9:57 – 11:32 – If you knew you had a steady place to live next year, what would the plans be?

11:32 – 12:25 – How did you feel about not being able to go to the Invitational?

12:25 – 13:10 – While working on the campaign, you were working with people regarding decks. Who were they?

13:10 – 14:05 – I never asked you about Gerry Thompson breaking through on the Pro Tour.

14:05 – 15:29 – You are still doing PTQs. How much would snagging a ticket mean to you?         

15:29 – 16:29 – People don’t know what working on a campaign is like. Can you describe a typical week of work for you?

16:29 – 17:35 – How could you manage any time for Magic?

17:35 – 18:57 – Some Magic players are settling down. When this happens, how will you approach this with your significant other?

18:57 – 20:00 – What has been the biggest stride you’ve made as a player since you’ve been gone?

20:00 – 21:02 – And as a person?

21:02 – To End – What is going to make you happy in Magic?