Inside The Magic Studio: Conley Woods

Robert is joined by this week’s guest, rogue deckbuilder Conley Woods, winner of GP Orlando 2012 and of Magical Christmasland fame!

This is Inside The Magic Studio with your host Robert Martin, the interview podcast with the best in Magic: The Gathering. My guest this episode is Conley Woods

0:00 – 0:40 – Intro to show the show and guest.

0:40 to 2:47 – How did you get on Team ChannelFireball?

2:47 – 3:17 – Gabe Walls left Magic. Is there any indication he would come back?

3:17 – 4:21 – Pro Tour 2009 was your debut on the tour. What was your original gameplan for it?

4:21–5:24 – We talk about The Magic School Bus podcast.

5:24– 6:28 – We talk about the relationship with Tom Gustafson, host of Monday Night Magic podcast.

6:28 –7:34 – Along with the one of best moments on the show.

7:34 –9:13 – In your opinion, why has the team been so successful?

9:13–10:34 – We talk making the Top 8 of Worlds.

10:34 – 13:18 – The match versus Craig Wescoe at Worlds.

13:18 – 15:20 – Did Magic change for you after Worlds?

15:20 –18:34 – Approaching 200 lifetime Pro Points, what do you think it will take for voters to take you seriously for the Hall of Fame?

18:34- 22:02 – If you get a third Pro Tour Top 8 and people vote you in, is it because of your efforts to support the Magic community?

22:02 – 23:55 – With the changes in the Grand Prix system, do you feel players like you will change how much they attend events?

23:55 – 24:47 – Let’s talk about Grand Prix: Las Vegas. Could you ever imagine an event with over 4500 people?

24:47 – 27:40 – Because you are rogue deckbuilder, how much time do you spend brewing those decks?

27:40 –To End – It seems you have found a calm and focus in your life. Could you have envisioned this, three or four years ago?