For Your Consideration

Here at StarCityGames.com, we sometimes get SO many article submissions that we simply don’t have the manpower or time to properly process them all! Then there are times like this week, where the depth and quality of the submissions is so great that we even have to post some really solid articles in our forums so that these fine articles are still available to the community. Here are a few solid articles that should make for some nice weekend reading.

  • To Be the Man – Core Systems by Eli Kaplan

    Eli takes a look at the history of Masticores, and attempts to figure out if there are any cards that share the same legacy as the mighty ‘Core in Champions of Kamigawa.

  • 16.5 Hours of CoK on No Sleep by Kenneth Nagle
  • Forum member Norrytt shares his Prerelease experience, including his entire Team Sealed pool and how his team chose to build there decks.

  • Where Have All the Limited Articles Gone? A Prerelease Report by Colin McCann
  • Colin teams up with former Canadian Champ (and all-around good man) Josh Rider for Team Sealed at the prerelease to deliver some beats. This isn’t just your standard prerelease report though, as Colin gives good insight into what cards were good for his team last weekend, and points out which cards were more powerful than he expected. Good stuff.

  • Casual – Zubera Punch by William Jones
  • William takes a casual look at everyone’s new favorite cycle of spirits.

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