Drafting With Tiago – LLL #18

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Tiago Chan, Portugal’s Level 6 Magic dynamo, takes us by the hand and leads us through the choppy waters of a triple-Lorwyn draft on Magic Online. He shares each and every pick, from one to forty-five, and supplies expert commentary on the draft and the games. For more detailed information, visit the forums!


Pack 1:

Plover Knights, Paperfin Rascal, Dreamspoiler Witches, Runed Stalactite, Nath’s Elite, Neck Snap, Sentinels of Glen Elendra, Shimmering Grotto,
Elvish Eulogist, Giant’s Ire, Lairwatch Giant, Faerie Harbinger, Knight of Meadowgrain, Kithkin Mourncaller, Heat Shimmer

Pick: Dreamspoiler Witches

Pack 2:

Lowland Oaf, Fistful of Force, Aethersnipe, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Surge of Thoughtweft, Cloudcrown Oak, Tarfire, Fire-Belly Changeling, Skeletal Changeling, Aquitect’s Will, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Summon the School, Hunter of Eyeblights, Inner-Flame Igniter

Pick: Summon the School

Pack 3:

Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Moonglove Winnower, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Peppersmoke, Paperfin Rascal, Lairwatch Giant, Spiderwig Boggart, Boggart Forager, Ringskipper, Hunt Down, Wizened Cenn, Crush Underfoot

Pick: Peppersmoke

Pack 4:

Surge of Thoughtweft, Weed Strangle, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Woodland Changeling, Needle Drop, Soaring Hope, Elvish Branchbender, Wellgabber Apothecary, Aquitect’s Will, Captivating Glance, Boggart Harbinger, Fallowsage

Pick: Weed Strangle

Pack 5:

Footbottom Feast, Axegrinder Giant, Lignify, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Bog-Strider Ash, Mournwhelk, Needle Drop, Springjack Knight, Heal the Scars, Flamekin Harbinger, Ego Erasure

Pick: Bog-Strider Ash

Pack 6:

Wanderer’s Twig, Hornet Harasser, Axegrinder Giant, Ponder, Heal the Scars, Skeletal Changeling, Shields of Velis Vel, Fire-Belly Changeling, Lammastide Weave, Pollen Lullaby

Pick: Skeletal Changeling

Pack 7:

Battlewand Oak, Oaken Brawler, Hurly-Burly, Dawnfluke, Nath’s Buffoon, Faultgrinder, Rootgrapple, Forge[/author]-Tender”]Burrenton [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author]-Tender, Mosswort Bridge

Pick: Battlewand Oak

Pack 8:

Wispmare, Runed Stalactite, Inner-Flame Acolyte, Hunt Down, Giant’s Ire, Dawnfluke, Spellstutter Sprite, Nectar Faerie

Pick: Runed Stalactite

Pack 9:

Paperfin Rascal, Nath’s Elite, Shimmering Grotto, Elvish Eulogist, Giant’s Ire, Lairwatch Giant, Heat Shimmer

Pick: Nath’s Elite

Pack 10:

Lowland Oaf, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Fire-Belly Changeling, Aquitect’s Will, Kinsbaile Skirmisher, Inner-Flame Igniter

Pick: Inner-Flame Igniter

Pack 11:

Lairwatch Giant, Boggart Forager, Ringskipper, Hunt Down, Crush Underfoot

Pick: Crush Underfoot

Pack 12:

Needle Drop, Soaring Hope, Aquitect’s Will, Captivating Glance

Pick: Captivating Glance

Pack 13:

Needle Drop, Springjack Knight, Heal the Scars

Pick: Heal the Scars

Pack 14:

Heal the Scars, Lammastide Weave

Pick: Lammastide Weave

Pack 15:


Pick: Dawnfluke

Pack 16:

Neck Snap, Pestermite, Leaf Gilder, Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Thieving Sprite, Kinsbaile Balloonist, Black Poplar Shaman, Elvish
Eulogist, Wings of Velis Vel, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Marsh Flitter, Jagged-Scar Archers, Scattering Stroke, Cryptic Command

Pick: Cryptic Command

Pack 17:

Peppersmoke, Consuming Bonfire, Wispmare, Stonybrook Angler, Thieving Sprite, Gilt-Leaf Ambush, Goldmeadow Dodger, Wings of Velis Vel, Flamekin Brawler, Facevaulter, Benthicore, Ghostly Changeling, Flamekin Bladewhirl, Nettlevine Blight

Pick: Ghostly Changeling

Pack 18:

Nath’s Elite, Moonglove Extract, Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Oaken Brawler, Stonybrook Angler, Triclopean Sight, Nath’s Buffoon, Caterwauling Boggart, Tideshaper Mystic, Flamekin Spitfire, Fallowsage, Vivid Crag, Knucklebone Witch

Pick: Moonglove Extract

Pack 19:

Wanderer’s Twig, Silvergill Douser, Bog-Strider Ash, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Spring Cleaning, Blind-Spot Giant, Wellgabber Apothecary, Gilt-Leaf Seer, Hearthcage Giant, Familiar’s Ruse, Marsh Flitter, Glimmerdust Nap

Pick: Marsh Flitter

Pack 20:

Kithkin Healer, Footbottom Feast, Lignify, Silvergill Douser, Quill-Slinger Boggart, Mournwhelk, Zephyr Net, Scarred Vinebreeder, Merrow Commerce, Lys Alana Scarblade, Guardian of Cloverdell

Pick: Silvergill Douser

Pack 21:

Streambed Aquitects, Hurly-Burly, Plover Knights, Spiderwig Boggart, Flamekin Brawler, Tideshaper Mystic, Rootgrapple, Triclopean Sight, Vivid Creek, Woodland Guidance

Pick: Streambed Aquitects

Pack 22:

Herbal Poultice, Oakgnarl Warrior, Inkfathom Divers, Boggart Birth Rite, Ingot Chewer, Soaring Hope, Shimmering Grotto, Prowess of the Fair, Silvergill Adept

Pick: Silvergill Adept

Pack 23:

Footbottom Feast,
Lignify, Kithkin Healer, Elvish Branchbender, Amoeboid Changeling, Lace with Moonglove, Merrow Commerce, Veteran of the Depths

Pick: Amoeboid Changeling

Pack 24:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Thieving Sprite, Black Poplar Shaman, Elvish Eulogist, Caterwauling Boggart, Goldmeadow Dodger, Scattering Stroke

Pick: Thieving Sprite

Pack 25:

Wispmare, Thieving Sprite, Goldmeadow Dodger, Flamekin Brawler, Benthicore, Nettlevine Blight

Pick: Thieving Sprite

Pack 26:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser, Oaken Brawler, Nath’s Buffoon, Tideshaper Mystic, Knucklebone Witch

Pick: Knucklebone Witch

Pack 27:

Bog-Strider Ash, Spring Cleaning, Wellgabber Apothecary, Glimmerdust Nap

Pick: Glimmerdust Nap

Pack 28:

Zephyr Net, Merrow Commerce, Guardian of Cloverdell

Pick: Merrow Commerce

Pack 29:

Tideshaper Mystic, Rootgrapple

Pick: Tideshaper Mystic

Pack 30:

Herbal Poultice

Pick: Herbal Poultice

Pack 31:

Fertile Ground, Moonglove Winnower, Plover Knights, Whirlpool Whelm, Leaf Gilder, Adder-Staff Boggart, Elvish Handservant, Broken Ambitions, Cenn’s Heir,
Boggart Forager, Facevaulter, Vivid Marsh, Final Revels, Giant Harbinger, Knucklebone Witch

Pick: Final Revels

Pack 32:

Paperfin Rascal, Dreamspoiler Witches, Runed Stalactite, Nath’s Elite, Neck Snap, Sentinels of Glen Elendra, Smokebraider, Nightshade Stinger, Faultgrinder, Faerie Trickery, Warren-Scourge Elf, Wren’s Run Vanquisher, Flamekin Spitfire, Shelldock Isle

Pick: Sentinels of Glen Elendra

Pack 33:

Hillcomber Giant, Stinkdrinker Daredevil, Battlewand Oak, Hurly-Burly, Warren-Scourge Elf, Blades of Velis Vel, Cenn’s Heir, Ringskipper, Black Poplar Shaman, Imperious Perfect, Goatnapper, Entangling Trap, Wanderwine Hub

Pick: Wanderwine Hub

Pack 34:

Weed Strangle, Mudbutton Torchrunner, Woodland Changeling, Kithkin Healer, Ingot Chewer, Amoeboid Changeling, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Shields of Velis Vel, Veteran of the Depths, Hunter of Eyeblights, Ethereal Whiskergill

Pick: Weed Strangle

Pack 35:

Whirlpool Whelm, Adder-Staff Boggart, Fertile Ground, Hillcomber Giant, Faerie Trickery, Nightshade Stinger, Blades of Velis Vel, Elvish Handservant, Benthicore, Sylvan Echoes, Sylvan Echoes

Pick: Whirlpool Whelm

Pack 36:

Springleaf Drum, Oakgnarl Warrior, Glimmerdust Nap, Soulbright Flamekin, Kithkin Daggerdare, Zephyr Net, Bog Hoodlums, Vivid Meadow, Sylvan Echoes, Ancient Amphitheater

Pick: Springleaf Drum

Pack 37:

Herbal Poultice, Scarred Vinebreeder, Springjack Knight, Ponder, Bog Hoodlums, Protective Bubble, Woodland Guidance, Giant Harbinger, Pollen Lullaby

Pick: Ponder

Pack 38:

Fistful of Force,
Soulbright Flamekin, Glimmerdust Nap, Lace with Moonglove, Exiled Boggart, Glen Elendra Pranksters, Entangling Trap, Seedguide Ash

Pick: Glimmerdust Nap

Pack 39:

Fertile Ground, Adder-Staff Boggart, Elvish Handservant, Cenn’s Heir, Boggart Forager, Facevaulter, Knucklebone Witch

Pick: Knucklebone Witch

Pack 40:

Runed Stalactite, Nath’s Elite, Nightshade Stinger, Faultgrinder, Faerie Trickery, Warren-Scourge Elf

Pick: Faerie Trickery

Pack 41:

Battlewand Oak, Hurly-Burly, Warren-Scourge Elf, Ringskipper, Entangling Trap

Pick: Battlewand Oak

Pack 42:

Ingot Chewer, Spring Cleaning, Exiled Boggart, Shields of Velis Vel

Pick: Exiled Boggart

Pack 43:

Nightshade Stinger, Blades of Velis Vel, Sylvan Echoes

Pick: Blades of Velis Vel

Pack 44:

Zephyr Net, Bog Hoodlums

Pick: Zephyr Net

Pack 45:

Herbal Poultice

Pick: Herbal Poultice

Final Decklist:


1 Summon the School
1 Amoeboid Changeling
1 Cryptic Command
1 Faerie Trickery
1 Glimmerdust Nap
1 Ponder
1 Sentinels of Glen
1 Silvergill Adept
1 Silvergill Douser
1 Streambed Aquitects
1 Tideshaper Mystic
1 Whirlpool Whelm
1 Dreamspoiler Witches
1 Final Revels
1 Ghostly Changeling
1 Marsh Flitter
1 Peppersmoke
1 Skeletal Changeling
2 Thieving Sprite
2 Weed Strangle
1 Moonglove Extract
8 Island
1 Plains
7 Swamp
1 Wanderwine Hub


2 Battlewand Oak
1 Blades of Velis Vel
1 Bog-Strider Ash
1 Captivating Glance
1 Crush Underfoot
1 Dawnfluke
1 Exiled Boggart
1 Glimmerdust Nap [FOIL]
1 Heal the Scars
2 Herbal Poultice
1 Inner-Flame Igniter
2 Knucklebone Witch
1 Lammastide Weave
1 Merrow Commerce
1 Nath’s Elite
1 Runed Stalactite
1 Springleaf Drum
1 Zephyr Net

Pick 5: I took Bog-Strider Ash, since none of the cards in the pack are exciting. Green
is still underdrafted most of the time, and I give myself the option to go
Green/Black Treefolk, an archetype where you can get many late commons like
Battlewand Oak, Black Popler Shaman, and Bog-Strider Ash.

Pick 16: I ended the first booster in Black/Green, going for Treefolk if I saw
any good ones (or multiples of the commons late). Here, my pick would’ve been
Marsh Flitter, but I feel it’s worth picking a card with a value close to 10 tix,
as the prizes for winning are (usually) 6 packs. It’s the same as being in the Top 8 draft of a
Kuala Lumpur PTQ and drafting a Mox Pearl.

Pick 19: So far, I haven’t seen any really good Green cards from either direction.
There are some going around, but they’re not very exciting. I’d already taken a
Silvergill Douser (my previous pick), and they shouldn’t go so late. There’s also nothing very
exciting here, so it’s a mix of counter drafting and jumping into Blue if
it keeps coming.

Picks 21 and 22: No good Green or Black cards, two good Blue cards, I went for

Pick 23: Since my last three picks were Merfolk, I am considering splashing the
Summon the School… and so I picked another Merfolk.

Pick 32: For Pick 1 I took Dreamspoiler Witches over Sentinels of Glen Elendra. The
Witches is a better card, but here I’m seeing that I don’t have many instant or
flash creatures, so I feel Sentinels is a better pick for my deck.

Pick 33: Everything’s pretty bad except Imperious Perfect and Wanderwine Hub. I
love the Perfect, but I only have three Green cards and they’re not that good. The land allows me to splash Summon the School more easily.

I lost Round 1 to a Black/White Goblins deck. Game 1 I got a a five-for-two with Final Revels. He was holding just two cards, but he recovered
better after the Revels than me, even though I was playing the game knowing
that I had a Revels (and knowing when I was going to cast it) . Game 2 I lost because
I misclicked. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have lost anyway without doing this,
but at least I wouldn’t have lost that turn.

He had Kinsbaile Balloonist suited with Triclopean Sight, Kithkin Healer, Knight of Meadowgrain, Warren Pilferers, and Quill-Slinger Boggart. I had between 10 and
20 Merfolk tokens, many ground creatures, and Thieving Sprite plus Marsh
Flitter. He attacked me with the Baloonist and another creature. I planned on blocking the Balloonist with the Marsh Flitter, then pump it to a 3/3,
and then play Peppersmoke on the Balloonist to kill it. Without the Balloonist, he
couldn’t win this game on the ground. Problem was, I had so many creatures in
play that the cards were very tiny, so I accidentally blocked with Thieving
Sprite. I did not kill the Balloonist, and next turn I was at three life,
so I had to chump the Balloonist with the Flitter and play Peppersmoke on the
flying Warren Pilferers just to stay alive at one life. After that, I did
not topdeck removal for the Balloonist, and died.

See you tomorrow!


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