Debut of the New and Improved SCG Buylist!

Selling cards to Star City Games has never been easier! General Manager Ben Bleiweiss unveils the all-new SCG Buylist!

Hey everyone! Ben Bleiweiss here, and I’ve got a big announcement: today is the launch of the all-new, all-improved StarCityGames.com Buylist! We’ve implemented some pretty significant upgrades to make selling cards to
us easier than ever! Here’s a rundown of some of the new features!

Create Sell Requests Easily!

We’ve finally automated the process for selling us cards! Just add the cards that you want to sell us to the Sell Cart, and hit submit to send your offer
to us. No more cutting and pasting!

New Card Search & Condition Options!

Card searches are simple! Just type in the name of a card, or browse by set! But that’s not all! We’ve added the ability to sell us SP and MP cards with
just a selection from the condition drop-down menu. We’ve also enabled images for all cards, so you can identify the correct edition by picture!

Want to Sell Non-English Cards? No Problem!

Want to know our buy prices on a German Force of Will? Have a Korean Monastery Mentor? We now have individual buy prices for a huge number of non-English
cards! Right now, we have the buy prices enabled for the majority of non-foil non-English cards (Chinese-S, Chinese-T, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish). Sell your non-English cards with ease! (Non-English Foil cards will be added to the buylist over the coming weeks –
keep checking back for those!)

Split Payment Methods and 25% Trade Bonus!

We offer Check, Paypal and Trade Credit as payment methods. There is a 25% bonus for trade credit! Want part trade credit and part Check/Paypal? No problem
– you can easily split payment methods during checkout!

Game Center and Event Drop-off Support!

Want to pre-arrange selling your cards at the Open Series or an SCG Grand Prix? You can arrange this with the new SCG Buylist! Save time at the dealer
booth with a pre-approved Sell Request ready to go! (Trade credit payment will be issued on-site. Check and Paypal payment will be issued within three
business days after the event.)

Now Buying: Sealed Product

That’s right! By popular demand, we are now buying sealed Fat Packs, Booster Boxes and Tournament Deck Boxes! (NOTE: We cannot buy sealed product printed
within the past two calendar years as per our WOTC Internet Retailer Agreement, sorry!)

We Want Your Bulk!

We are now once again buying Bulk Commons/Uncommons through the mail! And to celebrate the launch of our new buylist, we are offering $0.25 for bulk foil
basic lands! (PDS foil lands excluded, sorry!) This price ($0.25 NM/ $0.25 SP / $0.10 MP for bulk Foil basic lands) will only be good for a limited time,
so take advantage of this buy price before it goes away!

Check out the new SCG Buylist right now
! Stay tuned for upcoming Buylist updates! We will be adding foil Non-English cards set-by-set over the coming weeks.