Daily Digest: Welcome To The Boros Legion!

Gerry looks at a peculiar – but apparently effective – aggressive midrange Boros deck featuring a plethora of hasty fliers. Check it out!

This might be the most perplexing deck I’ve featured in this column. It 4-0ed a Daily Event on Magic Online, which is no small feat, and contains a plethora of rarely used cards in Standard.

For starters, we have Firemane Avenger, a reasonably powerful card that is capable of casting Lightning Helix every turn. Triggering battalion isn’t exactly easy, especially when you’re not playing Mutavault (which is somewhat understandable due to mana constraints), and yet here we are. Did we overlook this card the entire time?

To help trigger battalion, there is a pair of hasty 2/2 fliers in Chandra’s Phoenix and Skyknight Legionnaire. Flying is a fairly underrated ability and even two-time Pro Tour champion Judge’s Familiar is here to help out. There’s also Stormbreath Dragon for another hasty flier, but also Young Pyromancer, albeit with only eight cards to trigger it.

The sideboard is about what you’d expect from a Boros Aggro deck, but Dawnbringer Charioteers also makes an appearance. Searing Blood and Skullcrack are understandable, as is Chained to the Rocks, but the Charioteers? Granted, I played some Seraph of Dawns when they were legal, but it wasn’t long before I found better options.

Overall, this deck is confusing, but clearly it has some potential in Standard.