Daily Digest: Veteran Deathblade

Veteran Explorer has been one of the quieter Legacy “staples” for a while now, but what happens when he pairs up with arguably the best creature in existence? This would be a fun one to sleeve up for #SCGKC…

One of the awesome things about Legacy is the potential for mashups. Sometimes, you can get some super odd pairings, like with today’s deck. Legacy decks based on Veteran Explorer, also known as Nic Fit, often focus on having late game power that tears apart the fair decks. However, there is always some merit to trimming the curve and streamlining the deck. Hopefully what results is a slimmer version of a powerful deck that doesn’t give up the late game power that made the deck playable in the first place.

In this case, I think samwise88 has managed to do just that. Instead of owning the late game with stuff like Birthing Pod, Primeval Titan, or Recurring Nightmare, this deck does that with equipment. In the end, you don’t need to win with splashy stuff like Recurring Nightmare or Birthing Pod–winning at all is all that matters. As it turns out, Stoneforge Mystic is quite good at winning. Additionally, Stoneforge Mystic is capable of winning games quickly, something that Nic Fit decks didn’t really have access to.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a bigger Green Sun’s Zenith target for the late game (probably instead of the random Grave Titan) or a better sideboard, but I really like what this deck is doing.