Daily Digest: Twinning End

Hybrid decks are always exciting. But even then, that doesn’t begin to cover how cool this deck is. GerryT studies the latest Twin variant that is sure to turn some heads!

It was certainly amusing watching Michael Jacob stream a Modern Daily Event and nearly get blindsided by the Splinter Twin combo out of a Living End deck. If you’re wondering why you would want to jam one combo into a completely different deck, that’s your answer.

There are no Serum Visions here, so you don’t have access to a lot of filtering to set up your backup combo, but there are plenty of cyclers, so you do end up seeing a large percentage of your deck in longer games. Additionally, spot removal is quite bad against Living End, so you’re forcing your opponent to keep in cards they otherwise wouldn’t. At that point, you can even side out the combo if you prefer.

Hybridizing combo decks isn’t exactly new, but this is certainly one I’ve never seen before. That might be because it’s not as seamless as some hybrids, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Yes, that is a thirteen-card sideboard, but I don’t recommend it.