Daily Digest: Twin Prison

It’s important that we remember Legacy amidst all this #SCGINVI Standard and Modern hype! GerryT assists us in this task by showing us a brew of both inevitability and awesomeness!

Maybe three years ago, I tried Splinter Twin in Legacy. It didn’t go well. Since then, we’ve gotten some upgrades in technology, Twin made its Legacy Top 8 debut at the Legacy Championships this year, and now it has a Premier IQ Top 8 as well. Maybe it’s actually a thing?

Oddly enough, this version of Twin is equal parts combo deck and equal parts Prison deck. Cards like Chalice of the Void and Blood Moon are almost one-card combos against certain decks. For everyone else, there’s some countermagic to make sure you don’t die and to protect your combo, plus a combo finish of your own.

Deceiver Exarch and Splinter Twin might not seem great in Legacy due to the prevalence of Spell Pierce, Swords to Plowshares, and Abrupt Decay, but this deck is ready for those. Chalice of the Void stops each Swords to Plowshares while Misdirection can defend against Abrupt Decay. With things like Mox Diamond lying around, it should be pretty easy to find a new target.

Since there’s Chalice of the Void, this deck can’t play too many one-drops. Brainstorm ends up being too good not to play, but Impulse subs in for something like Ponder.

Overall, this deck is the definition of spice and one of the reasons I will always love Legacy.