Daily Digest: Time Walks, No Eldrazi Needed

Who needs giant monsters in a ramp deck? As long as you’re taking extra turns, you’re probably doing fine. GerryT shows a deck capable of doing just that at #SCGKC!

Last time we took a look at a Part the Waterveil deck, it was mashup with Eldrazi Ramp. Rather than focus on hitting Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, this
deck can basically only win with Part the Waterveil. Rattleclaw Mystic and Lumbering Falls might help out occasionally.

The goal is to ramp as much as possible, hence the seventeen ramp spells and four Blighted Woodlands. After that, you need to find a Part the Waterveil,
which is why the deck has Anticipate, Dig Through Time, and Monastery Siege. If you don’t find Part the Waterveil, you aren’t going to win.

Once there, you want to chain Time Walks and attack your opponent with a giant land until they’re dead. If they had blockers, playing this deck as straight
U/G might not work. You’d run out of Time Walks before they’d run out of blockers, so “splashing” a sweeper is probably a good idea.

I can’t imagine things like Atarka Red or a counterspell-heavy control deck being good matchups, but that’s what the sideboard is for. Thankfully, things
like Dispel and Negate are great against both types of decks. Gaea’s Revenge and Feed the Clan are more specific answers that you can play that should help
overcome those difficult matchups.