Daily Digest: The Most Underplayed Archetype In Modern

#SCGDEN may show us at the next big thing at its $5,000 Modern Premier IQ! Based on its matchups and its gameplan, don’t be surprised if this one starts up the format’s ladder fast!

What if you had a deck that had most of the good parts of Jund and Abzan, but creature removal was pathetic against you? Well, that’s kind of what W/B Tokens is, and I think it’s a great deck in Modern, especially right now.

Josh Cho played W/B Tokens at #GPPitt and finished 36th with a 12-3 record, so the deck clearly has some game against the current Modern field. His list was a little different than JBudde’s, but the core concept remains the same. You have discard to slow down combo decks, removal for creature combo decks, and a go-wide theme with Bitterblossom, Lingering Souls, and Spectral Procession. You even get to maindeck Timely Reinforcements and Auriok Champion to hammer Burn!

Auriok Champion does double duty, allowing you to race while also hosing Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin. Vault of the Archangel and Sorin, Solemn Visitor also help in racing situations, which this deck enters into on the regular. The real downside to this deck is how slowly its clock gets online, but once it’s there, it’s very difficult to stop. Sweepers aren’t prevalent in Modern, so once you have some flying tokens that are getting pumped by Intangible Virtue, Zealous Persecution, or Sorin, Solemn Visitor, you’re a pretty big favorite to win.

If you like beating up on Twin, Burn, and Jund, you could certainly do worse than play W/B Tokens. There are several matchups out there that are tricky, but as with any deck playing white, your win percentage after sideboard will likely go up significantly.