Daily Digest: The Final Strike

#SCGINDY will mark the end of this Standard format, and we’re still finding new decks for it! Or should I say, Michael Majors is finding new decks for it. Get your prowess on this weekend with this great list!

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<p>If you’re looking to get some last-minute mileage out of the prowess mechanic, then this Jeskai deck is for you. Jimmy Kan recently took down a Super IQ and his deck is brutally focused in the same vein as the Heroic decks of old. </p>
<p>The mix of aggressively slanted creatures supported by pump spells is nothing new for such archetypes, but Jimmy’s deck has some interesting choices. As I noted, this deck looks similar to the Heroic decks of <i>Theros</i> Standard and a large part of that is the choice of maindeck <a href=Dispel.

Instead of protection spells, Dispel is a means to protect your threats while also being an effective answer to popular cards like Collected Company.

Using Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy is nothing new in decks like U/R Prowess (or Standard in general!), but I also like the power planeswalker’s inclusion here. Not only can Jace rebuy pump spells or Treasure Cruise, but one of my favorite uses is the “preemptive counterspell.” Once Dispel has Flashback before you enter combat, you can easily move in for lethal damage without fear of your creature getting killed!

This Jeskai deck’s sideboard has a variety of interesting inclusions. Outpost Siege is a strong choice for grinding opponents out, while Kozilek’s Return is a really creative choice for a sweeper in an aggressive deck. While the Return is normally found in Eldrazi decks, it makes a lot of sense here as an instant-speed tool that kills almost none of your own creatures.

While the use of black lands in the manabase is largely just a nod toward the unintuitive nature of fetch-Battle manabases, it doesn’t hurt to play a few powerful black cards in the sideboard as well!

If you’re looking to cast some cantrip pump spells one final time before the advent of Shadows over Innistrad Standard, this looks to be an excellent choice for #SCGINDY.

SCG Tour <sup>®</sup>Indianapolis: March 11-13!” border=”1″></a></div></p>
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