Daily Digest: The Best Underplayed Synergy In Standard

There’s nothing quite like rediscovering an archetype you hadn’t realized was missing, but today’s deck asks “Is Abzan really better than Jund?” We’re so used to playing Abzan it’s like we’ve forgotten there’s another option – definitely check it out!

Despite nearly all color combinations being close to viable in Standard, we haven’t seen much of Jund. It might seem odd considering that Jund is the shard with access to Den Protector and Kolaghan’s Command, but now might be the time.

The big reason that people don’t play Jund is because Abzan exists, and you need a good reason to not play Abzan. With U/R Thopters breaking out at Pro Tour Magic Origins, Kolaghan’s Command becomes more enticing. There’s also Dragonlord Atarka, which is the best card to have at the top of a removal curve. I could take or leave Whip of Erebos, but I think it’s reasonable to good, but only as a value-added card – I don’t want to build my deck around it.

Gather the Pack is a card we’re going to be seeing more of. It fills your graveyard for Den Protector and Tasigur and finds a threat or two. Overall, I’m a big fan of the card. The rest of the build is standard for a G/B/X deck. Thoughtseize followed by removal like Hero’s Downfall gives you answers to nearly anything, and a sweeper like Languish puts them in a tough spot. Do you overextend into the sweeper or play it slow and give them time to get to their big things?

Satyr Wayfinder, Sylvan Caryatid, Courser of Kruphix and now Nissa, Vastwood Seer provide the mana stability you need, plus Satyr Wayfinder finding Haven of the Spirit Dragon is a helluva combo. Overall, the mana is good, you have plenty of incidental ways to make your land drops, and there’s plenty to do with excess lands, which is exactly what I want.