Daily Digest: The Best Hexproof List in Standard

One of the biggest pitfalls of Hexproof builds is their tendency to go clunky if you draw cards in the wrong order or if you stumble on mana. GerryT has a list that remedies all of the above in time for #SCGVEGAS!

Can you imagine what Hexproof would be like if it didn’t stumble? The title is no joke. I firmly believe this is a step in the right direction for Hexproof
at worst, but the best possible list for the archetype at best. So what’s different?

For starters, we’re missing a color. I wouldn’t say that I’m “missing” it though. Red added some power to the archetype, but what you lose out on power you
make up for with nearly perfect mana. The only thing I’d change about the manabase is swapping a Plains for a Forest. There are some WW cards, but there
are many more GG cards, so nearly splitting the mana does not seem correct to me.

Ethereal Armor has lost some of its punch, but the addition of Banishing Light and Eidolon of Countless Battles makes up for that, in addition to adding
some new tools to the arsenal. Eidolon gives you some Supreme Verdict protection and Banishing Light is useful since this deck is slower than typical
Hexproof decks, so you might need to remove something in the midgame. Boon Satyr might be useful as another enchantment creature, but I’m skeptical.

With Mono-Blue Devotion potentially on the rise, Hexproof looks like a great choice.