Daily Digest: Striking A Chord

Sometimes GerryT finds an existing deck with a new twist. Sometimes he pays tribute to an underperforming archetype that finally broke through. And sometimes, he unearths a sweet mutated monster of a list like this one…

It’s not very often I see a decklist and I have to call over everyone in the room to come look at it. Today is one of those days.

What happens when you combine Burn with Mono-Green Devotion? What happens when your deck is aggro, control, and combo? My guess is that you end up with
something like this, which YU-KI took to an undefeated finish in a recent daily event.

This deck utilizes Young Pyromancer and Goblin Rabblemaster to fuel a Chord of Calling toolbox. Purphoros, God of the Forge is obviously good with all the
tokens, whereas as the other targets are value creatures that are good in certain situations.

In the meantime, you’re burning creatures to get your Goblin Rabblemasters through. Stoke the Flames is obviously fantastic with token creatures and as a
way to finish your opponent. Izzet Charm provides some defense against their scary cards, but it can also double as removal or as a way to sift through
your lackluster bullets in certain matchups.

Overall, this deck has a bunch of plans, and a lot of them seem to converge together into a wildly successful deck. I’m going to need to play with it to
learn anything further, but if you have any experience with or against this deck, let everyone know!