Daily Digest: Sifting Through Technology

Want a deck that isn’t Megamorphing or trying to splash black in Jeskai? GerryT shows off a great run at the Open Series last weekend that you can take to #SCGStates!

While G/W Megamorph may have won the tournament, G/B Aristocrats did a great job, but fell just short. It’s easily the most unique deck in the Top 32 of
the Atlanta Open and may actually be quite good.

On the surface, it appears very simple, containing 33 creatures, 23 land, and a scant four spells, each of which basically finds more creatures. This deck
is all about getting on the board and gaining an advantage through various “dies” effects. Either you’re draining your opponent out with Zulaport
Cutthroat; making tokens with Hangarback Walker, Blisterpod, Carrion Thrall; or Catacomb Siftering for the missing piece of the puzzle. All the while,
you’re peeling extras with Grim Haruspex and basically just crushing your opponent with card advantage.

You can use Fleshbag Marauder to sacrifice your own creatures for value, including transforming Liliana, Heretical Healer! By nickel and diming your
opponent with tokens and drains, Nantuko Husk is going to force chump blocks early and often. The manabase is simple, and I like it. Stephen doesn’t mess
around with any fetch/dual shenanigans and sticks with the tried and true Jungle Hollows. A miser’s Mortuary Mire rounds out the manabase.

If you’re interested in sacrificing your own creatures for fun and profit, you’re in the right place!